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The Meat Mallet
Considering Our Grand Children

Great story, A Monster’s Life

My wife and I have raised 2 families, wish I could raise another, but, too tired and wore out to attempt. Grandparents raising grandchildren has become a national epidemic,  wonder why this is not mentioned more? I carped about it sometimes, but grew to love them more everyday. They give me a reason to keep going, when I don't have the heart anymore. One foot then another, to damn mean to die yet, meat mallet is coming down again!

Immigrant Song


Our friend in the Rockies is looking at another body part replacement. So please, if we could address our higher power on his behalf, perhaps we could deaden the sound of the bone saw...

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SeanNovember 13, 2017 1:02 PM UTC

Praying to the Hanged Hebrew God on your behalf. Perhaps a miracle may yet find its way out west.
ShepNovember 12, 2017 2:52 AM UTC

Grandparents raising grandchildren...what happens when the grandparents are gone, and today's children have children of their own? They have no model of parental involvement, so they will try to do what their own progenitors did—pass them off to a grandparent. EXCEPT now the grandparents are the previously-absent "parents" who weren't interested in doing anything the first time around.

This could result in a feral generation that will make today's wild childs look like high-acheiving geniuses.