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With Apocalypse Update from Venezuela

Apocalypse Update.


Just when you think it can’t get any worse…it gets worse.


“A Venezuelan debt default could plunge the already struggling country into a full-blown humanitarian emergency.”

“They claim this isn’t contagious because Venezuela is economically isolated, but I think it could be contagious regardless, at least a little. The idea that money loaned out might not come back is the chemotherapy for the current degeneracy into r-selected wastefulness and all of the mortgaging of the future to try and keep the party going one more day. Right now we are still in an r-mindset, where threats can’t be seen, and every thought is about how to avoid being deprived of the free resources which everyone else is enjoying.”

“For the investors who are loaning money to states to keep it making more money, Venezuela will be a case where a state is going to tell them that their loaned money is gone. Now maybe that won’t happen with the US, or Italy, or Spain tomorrow. But clearly what was unlikely enough that it didn’t even happen with Venezuela yesterday, will be a little more likely tomorrow because it will have happened with Venezuela, and the question then will be where will it happen next.”

“Who will loan Puerto Rico money then? As that fear triggers a withdrawal of credit to dangerously unstable governments, it could trigger collapse of those governments, and then the contagion could spread, and advance up the line, eventually affecting the trust in first world debtors.”

“… The only thing I think is undoubtable is that the decline now is irreversible. We are just arguing the timing.”

  Yeah, once these debt ridden national governments can’t persuade anyone to loan them money anymore for fear of not getting paid back, those governments will cease to function. The government workers, including the police and military, will all go home (after helping themselves to whatever supplies and equipment are left).  The disorder and chaos, not to mention famine, that follows will be unimaginable. Such as we are seeing in Venezuela at this very moment. And it hasn’t even reached its peak there yet.

Things Could Get Worse For Venezuela


Posted on November 11, 2017 by Anonymous Conservative

Actually not a joke:

Venezuela teeters on brink of default


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