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Baltimore Ceasefire News
Can Anything Stop the Harm City Hoodrats

Murderbowl Update


Only three more to go to reach 300. Harm City leads its division.



© AP Photo/Patrick Semansky A Baltimore Police Department vehicle sits parked near the scene of a shooting, Monday, July 27, 2015, in Baltimore.


“Among the events scheduled this weekend will be a human chain that will form along Edmondson Avenue, from Hilton Street to Cooks Lane, from 2 3 p.m. Friday; a poetry slam hosted by Sisters Saving the City at 4 p.m. Friday at 4236 Pimlico Road; a candlelight vigil from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Friday at Elderslie Methodist Church, 5601 Pimlico Road; and an event called "Sacred Space Saturday," in which people are encouraged to place a balloon or something visible at the space where their loved one was killed. Bridgeford said anyone can get involved in the effort by doing anything from leaving flyers at a favorite restaurant or changing a Facebook profile picture.”


  James,  it occurs to me that the Baltimore Ceasefire people are taking exactly the wrong approach.  Instead of organizing public gatherings they should be encouraging Harm City denizens to STAY HOME this weekend. Behind locked doors. Don’t go anywhere, don’t talk to anybody, don’t use your phone or social media. Don’t interact with any other Harm City residents at all. None whatsoever! Nobody is likely to get killed that way.  


  Conversely if the dindus are encouraged to gather in large groups, one or more of them will pull out a gun and shoot someone. Or there is going to be a stabbing and/or someone is going to ‘dis’ someone else and a general melee will ensue drawing in all present, young and old, even those not party to the original dispute. The sort of chaotic behavior white folks have generally avoided engaging in at least since the time of ‘Newton’s General Massacre’, 1871 and the ‘Hatfield’s and McCoy’s Feud’ 1860-1891. By comparison the ‘Gunfight at the OK Corral’, Tombstone, AZ, and the ‘Four Dead in Five Seconds Gunfight’, El Paso, TX, (both in 1881) were fairly organized and disciplined engagements that did not involve any neutral parties or non-combatants. But when you encourage three or more dindus to gather in one place you create a sort of ‘critical mass’ that invariably causes violence to erupt.


So stay home this weekend Harm City. Do anything else and someone is a gonna get hurt real bad!

Jeremy, we were at 303 the last time I checked. They killed a cop during the ceasefire and murdered some wench the minute the truce was lifted. Killings are down to 26 in 30 days, largely because cops have been patrolling again in answer to calls for action against sub-lethal mob violence. I was out on the street from 3-4:30 and was not hassled by any of the cops that passed me, which is a new trend. They seem to be laying off the white trash they've been working over for the past 2 years of Dindu mob rule. We have also had some killings of thugs by cops, which has turned the tables somewhat.


Baltimore Ceasefire plans second violence-free weekend as homicides near 300

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