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More and more people are starting to realize what the score is. The paradox is that while more money is being spent on police agencies to buy equipment (like combat vehicles and body cameras and such), the personnel strength of the police forces in Leftist-run ‘blue cities and metropolitan has been reduced precipitously over the past 15 some years. This begs the question of what would be a better use of a community’s public safety dollar: hiring more police patrolman and police detectives to protect the public by arresting criminals and investigating crimes or buying enough body cameras to outfit the shrinking force? We know that the Leftist-powers-that be in city government judged the body cameras necessary to restrain the police and combat the ‘systemic racism’ in the police force that was leading to brutal treatment of black suspects ‘for no reason at all’. A ‘systemic racism’ that the body cameras themselves have confirmed does not exist in reality.


You’re on your own goodnight.


When Gunmen Strike, You're On Your Own


Anarcho-Tyranny Update.


Kidnapping is making a comeback.


Kidnapping for ransom was largely eradicated in the USA during the 1930’s when it was made a federal crime in the aftermath of heinous kidnappings that outraged the public, such as the Lindbergh Baby kidnapping (which resulted in the death of the child) and the Hamm’s Brewery heir kidnapping for 100K (about 1.8 million dollars in today’s money). The kidnappers could then look forward to being relentlessly pursued by the FBI, as well as every state and local law enforcement agency, across state lines and even into foreign countries. Then they could look forward to life imprisonment if convicted, provided the victim survived, or death if the victim perished. It made kidnapping for ransom too fraught with risk and therefore an wholly unattractive proposition for the criminal element.


However, in 21st Century America the Leftist Deep State operates on a very different philosophy of law enforcement than in that bygone era: i.e. today white people are judged to be guilty of everything that the Left reckons is wrong with the country, while ‘oppressed' non-white minorities are innocent of everything, even of the crimes they commit as individuals.


When 4 teens plotted to kidnap his daughter, one Florida father with a gun had other plans

Hero father, 51, grabs his gun and chases gang who tried to abduct his daughter, 17, before cops stop the fleeing kidnappers on the highway and find guns, a knife and roll of tape inside their vehicle

-Amber Brackney, 17, had been leaving her Florida home on Tuesday night when she found her path blocked by barrels

-Rather than get out the car, she simply drove around the obstacle 

-Police say the barrels were part of a kidnapping attempt by Keilon Johnson, 19, Austin French, 17, 16-year old Tyree Johnson, and 15-year old Kamauri Horn

-Her father, funeral director Terry Brackney, then ran out to confront the teens after he heard a commotion in his front yard

-The four teenagers fled but were stopped by police who found a knife, guns and a roll of tape in their car

-All four defendants are now charged with attempted kidnapping and attempted home invasion robbery

No calls for ‘restorative justice’ from the Black Congressional Caucus, eh? As usual the Leftists are against punishment, unless it is to be visited on their class enemies and poltical opponents.


Democrats Demand Death Penalty for Cops Who Commit Assault, Murder.


Jihad Update.


This is hilarious. Is this a ‘Sven and Ole' joke writ large? The Swedes have decided they have to fix everything in their country EXCEPT the Muslim terrorists actually perpetrating these outrages.


Talk about jumping to an entirely wrong conclusion.


"For The Sake Of Allah": Swedish Radio Station Hijacked To Play ISIS Recruiting Song

  “That a major leftist who relentlessly supports evil over good is trying to hijack the machinery that prosecutes crime in a world where everything is increasingly illegal should be of concern to everyone. Not all revolutions need to be bloody, if they can use an existing machinery people mistakenly subjugate themselves before. Let every district attorney be a #BlackLivesMatter extremist, and you will have a lawless dictatorship where simply being decent will get you imprisoned, as the savages are released on the rest of society, especially in this age of spookified Law Enforcement where nobody has any secrets.”



Soros Is Funding District Attorney Takeovers

Posted on November 10, 2017 by Anonymous Conservative



George Soros Continues to Quietly Pile Up Wins in District Attorney Races

Progressive Larry Krasner, who received nearly $2 million in backing from Soros, elected DA of Philadelphia



Race War/ Anarcho-Tyranny Update.


These hate hoaxes are an extremely dangerous nuisance. They are inciting violence against Christian white people. Of course the Leftist/ Globalist Deep State that controls the country’s criminal justice system is doing nothing to combat or deter them. Be on your guard YT.


Washington Post Says Fake Hate Is Rare, and Other Fairy Tales


Air Force Academy “Racist” Graffiti another Hoax.

Under the God of Things


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BobNovember 11, 2017 9:02 PM UTC

The Zerohedge article starts with the false premise that elements of the police and military aren't the actual instigators of terror events like Las Vegas. (It's supremely ironic that Mises writers shy away from conspiracy theories, in spite of their distaste for State tyranny. Fear of canards, one imagines).
BobNovember 11, 2017 8:45 PM UTC

Lindbergh was rather naive, grossly underestimating the power of the forces arrayed against him.
PRNovember 11, 2017 5:52 PM UTC

"The police found the four teens — Keilon Johnson, 19, Austin French, 17, 16-year old Tyree Johnson and 15-year old Kamauri Horn — plus a knife, guns and a roll of tape."

The names confirm the would-be kidnappers were black.