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Does Boxing Cause Brain Damage?
The Crackpot Podcast Ep 15

James LaFond & Lynn Lockhart talk about brain trauma in sports, self-defense skills for your children, and learn about James' family life.

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00:02:08 We learn about James' father and family

00:12:30 Drive to upgrade into suburbia, dual income households

00:13:08 James' large step-family

00:15:44 My son's here, just call his name

00:17:33 A real woman

00:17:50 Move to Baltimore

00:18:20 What does James like to eat?

00:19:03 Sisters

00:22:42 Child rearing—Daddy's Girl

00:28:00 The importance of driving for women

00:34:20 Rwanda Rousey video

00:36:54 Ball sports for women, soccer is damaging women's knees

00:40:10 Boxing

00:42:40 Skill set vs. basic physical ability

00:44:00 The truth about martial arts

00:45:30 Tactical awareness

00:48:36 The changing predation environment

00:51:21 Matt Yglesias

00:52:39 Domestication

00:55:35 James the White supremacist (he's not)

00:57:30 James' criteria for defending victims of crime

01:00:14 Boxing, stick fighting and brain trauma

01:02:00 Marvin Hagler's highlight reel

(c) 2017 Lynn Lockhart & James LaFond

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BobNovember 13, 2017 5:48 PM UTC

Further to the Matt Yglesias comment, another good example of Jewish mimesis is this interview of Morgan Freeman by Mike Wallace, the latter of initially seems to want to play as a white, then when reproached by Freeman, divorces himself from whites by announcing his Jewishness.
BobNovember 13, 2017 11:07 AM UTC

Good podcast, thanks.

On Matt Yglesias. however, I fear an over-simplicification that obscures the ultimate rather than the proximate forces at play.

Yglesias' downplaying the gravity of the assault is because his aggressor did not explicitly target him as a strongly-identified Jew, but a white. There is unanimity across the spectrum of Jewish groups in minimizing or eradicating any narrative that causes whites to coalesce under an ethnic banner. "Whites under attack" is therefore sneered at or ignored by the elites and media.

Now, had Yglesias instead been wearing a yarmulke, making his Jewish identity plainly visible to the aggressor and the world, the attack would instead would have been characterized as anti-Semitic and both Yglesias and the Jewish community would have demanded (and received) attention from the authorities.

This is an example of how mimesis is used successfully by Jews, able to choose either a white or a Jewish identity according to which delivers the most favorable outcome to their group.
PRNovember 12, 2017 8:20 PM UTC

I finally listened to one. Having small kids, I don't listen to many podcasts. Where does Lynn explain how she got into this dark part of the internet - LaFond and associates, of whom I count myself one? I mean, I can see why we're interesting but I can't see how she became 'woke' enough living in California to think that our ideas are good/interesting. She also sounds pretty young. Perhaps you could interview Lynn for the next podcast.