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‘Underneath this Drowsy Tree’
Dreaming on Downs by Robert E. Howard, Reading from pages 47-8 of A Word from the Outer Dark

These five four-line verses, for this reader, convinces that Howard had multi-empathetic ideal of racial identity reflected an ancestral dream. He does care most about the Gaelic bloodline, but exalts Saxons, Norse, Danes, Picts and even Comanche, as if a member of a race that has feuded with his ancestors might possess a mystical empathy for an ancient enemy above all the rest of stranger kind.

Below is Verse 3:

“Death rode his pale horse through the dreaming sky

All through the long red summer afternoon,

And night and silence fell, when silently

The dead men lay beneath a cold white moon.”

Masculine Axis: A Meditation on Manhood and Heroism

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