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Graduate Fatherhood Notes

My son’s middle class, majority white, Baltimore County neighborhood has been the target of black aggression, with raiding parties of men and youth from as far off as 8 miles targeting the Loch Raven area. This area is heavily policed, with officer from other districts having been detailed as support for an aggressive effort to preserve the last strong county tax base not forced by federal law to not only accept, but aggressively resettle inner city blacks from high crime areas. The more affluent, deeper burbs, have been targeted for resettlement. These burbs have been targeted by strike teams from across the city line and the less affluent neighborhood to the north, Ridgely, having been infiltrated by two gang sets devoted to aggressive street crime and human trafficking rather than drug running, which is handled by med using preteen proxies.

My son and his immediate neighbors have installed overlapping video feeds to their smartphones and work aggressively on social media security reports. I told him, that he must walk his wife to and from the house, and during the course of that activity there was a security breach which he successfully dealt with, more by chance than anything. He asked me to counsel him on his security measures and also about going to a wedding in the Inner Harbor. Having bought all the security measures, attained firearms and training, he is smart enough to realize that violence in any place in Maryland where he can afford to live within an hour’s commute to work now entails “living in Dad’s world of craziness.”

In mentoring your adult son, especially one who is smarter than you and successful beyond his years, you do not want to be too aggressive with advice. I wait for the right time, for the event of concern that cues them to seek my advice. This is how I train fighters and communicate women as well. Realizing that he can’t use his gun outside the home, to protect his wife getting to her car, he used a razor sharp sugar cane machete I gave him years ago when he stopped weapons training. He wanted to know if it was an effective weapon and I informed him that wars have been won with that slave tool and to aim for the collar bone from a shoulder load guard.

The most important bit of advice was this:

“Your wife has got a mouth on her from working behind a takeout counter and you are a trained negotiator who has some highly educated, upstanding black friends. Therefore your greatest danger is twofold, that she will mouth off at negro aggressors and that you will try to negotiate with them. Both will get you killed. Your mother almost got me killed three times running her mouth. Even cops pointing guns at black criminals does not again compliance or facilitated negotiation. Blacks are raised by aggressive women and verbalize as a means of developing justification and building group cohesion for an attack. Your cue to your wife to shut up absolutely and immediately should be your hand on her shoulder, a signal for her to move off with you, keeping you between her and them. You must not verbalize, but mobilize whatever weapon you have and at the same time angle off. You must use non-confrontational counter-predation tactics.

“When in public places your head is on a swivel. You are a target of an ongoing race war. Your wife is a target and a liability in combat. At group functions and hotels, walk nowhere. Take an Uber. Above all never engage blacks verbally.”

It was an opportunity that I knew would come. Until then, he would abide his extensive academic and corporate conditioning and inwardly mark me as eccentric. Or my experience to override his social conditioning required a cue. When we are at odds with the society which every institution conditions our children to false behavioral norms among the web of lies that is civilization, we must seek those windows of opportunity to slip the truth between the spider web of lies that owns them.

Thriving in Bad Places

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