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An Anarcho-Tyranny Counter Patrol
Close Bypass Raiding Zone, Baltimore County, Loch Raven-Ridgely, 7:30-8:06, Saturday, 11/11/17

A resettlement zone, is an area in which violent criminals with sanction [sainted youth who may not be aggressed against and are not held accountable for their actions] are imported to terrorize the productive citizenry. A close zone is near a totally compromised neighboring municipality. A raiding zone is an area which is close enough to virulent crime hubs so that it will be terrorized by raiding parties, enabling the Anarcho-Tyranny architects to direct resettlement initiatives to the deep, affluent suburbs, utilizing apartment housing originally intended to house service class folk near enough the affluent housing to provide a labor pool for the service industry. Such areas are resettlement zones.

The four basic Anarcho-Tyranny Zones are:

No Go War Zones [most of, Baltimore city]

Close bypass raiding zones [peripheral and enclave areas of Baltimore City]

Resettlement Zones [targeted to be turned into orbital war zones]

Elite Zones [yet to appear in Baltimore, as aggressive resettlement of criminals to deep suburbs will be required to build secure enclaves in what are now No Go Zones.


I covered two miles in one hour total scouting, spotting:

3 vulnerable prey humans on foot, walking too far to darkened parking, terrified of my hooded form

1 vigilant man on his porch, observant of me

1 vulnerable man doing paperwork in his parked SUV, oblivious to me

1 pro athlete, on a fitness run, oblivious to me

2 feral individual negroes on foot, very skittish of me

Activity at the local church lot involving hundreds of churchgoers

Back streets deserted and darkened, only spotting one cop car.

The following

Alley Skulkers

I walked the middle of the street on a long bloke and saw that at the end of the row, aparked at the end of the alley, on the side of the last house on the other row, was a small, two-door beater, running no headlights, only taillights visible.

A switched to the side walk and as I approached could hear the car idling at one car length. Being on the side of a house, where there was no entrance and at the mouth of a T- shaped alley [the mouth at the east end of the cross] I wondered if they might be cops.

Cops would have a four-door sedan, and it wouldn’t be this old and beat-up.

Could they be waiting on a drug deal on this below freezing night?

Certainly, but most such deals in this area utilize bicycle boys transporting from vehicles to location and then from locations to individuals.

If they were waiting on a contact he wouldn’t be on foot and certainly not so old-looking as I.

I would just hurry on by at a good stride so they wouldn’t think I was their buy.

As I came even with the rea seat, in which there was no one, I could see two talk, masculine forms but no heads or necks do to the low set of the car, in the front seat. They seemed by build to be in mid twenties.

The door opened abruptly and I stepped on the grass with my lead foot, hitching up the grip of the T-cane already in my left hand, so I can ram the broad end into his face and slam the door shut on his foot

Before I could take the right step that would give me door control and slam his head between cane and doorframe, the other man—both of them were wearing hoodies and gloves, so race remains unknown and probably Mennonite or Amish—grabbed the passenger abruptly with both hands and literally pulled him back into the car.

There forms now returned to dark shadow within framed shadow as the interior light cut off and I continued on my way.

Glancing back over my shoulder I could see no faces in the heads framed behind the windshield. I looked back twice more and the car remained unmoving and unlit, but nevertheless running the two figures within remaining utterly anonymous.

Who knows what that was about.

Of course, I I and five other men patrolled this I mile by half mile grid in such a way and communicated with each other, such crime as has been plaguing the area would end. But alas, we would need men in a position to take legal risks, for defending yourself against the Horde is a crime and defending your community is a hate crime.

Do not concern yourself with such things. Lounge beneath the lotus blossoms and breathe everdeep of the good life…

Thriving in Bad Places

Kindle Edition

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