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World War Me
A Radio Free Dindustan Military Report

Syrian Man Arrested for Raping Pony in German Kid's Zoo

The New Bazooka

During WWII American troops used the bazooka to blast enemy infantry out of dug-in strong-points much more often than they used it destroy enemy tanks, which was its original purpose of course. Likewise U.S. troops in Afghanistan have been using their rocket launchers to blast Taliban and ISIS fighters out of ensconced positions. The AT4 rocket launcher with a light disposable launcher fires a rocket with a warhead optimized for penetrating armored vehicles; it has not worked as effectively at destroying earth and rock bunkers in the ‘Stan. The M3/ M3A1 “carl Gustav’ is reloadable and can fire a variety of rounds ranging from armor-piercing to demolition to illumination shells. The U.S. Army Ranger Battalions have used it for an anti-armor and demolition weapon for some years now. The High Explosive Dual-Purpose (HEDP) has performed exceptionally well as a bunker buster when used by the Rangers and Army Special Forces. Now both the Army and the Marines intend to issue it to regular infantry units deploying to Afghanistan.

Army Rushes M3A1 Recoilless Rifles to Afghanistan

Marine Corps Follows Army in Plan to Buy Carl Gustaf Recoilless Rifle

The U.S. Army has approved a requirement for 1,111 M3E1 Multi-Role Anti-Armor Anti-Personnel Weapon Systems, or MAAWS. Photo: U.S. Army.

Posted By: Matthew Cox October 31, 2017

World War Update.

Looks like now the U.S. Government has decided to be open about it.

US breaks ground for new permanent base in Israel

“An army’s job is to kill the enemy. Today, most white armies are test beds for egalitarian foolishness, and soldiers are well on their way to becoming social workers with rifles.”

-Jared Taylor, The Ways of Our People, September/October 1996

“There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights.”

- Smedley Butler, Major General USMC – “War is a Racket” (1935)

“The Americans are truly a lucky people. They are bordered to the north and south by weak neighbors and to the east and west by fish.”

-Otto Von Bismarck, German Chancellor, 1815-1898

Transgender Navy officer speaks on suit against president

Petty Officer First Class Brock Stone to be in court Thursday

Interesting. It appears Maryland is the epicenter for transgender service members challenging the God-Emperor’s military transgender ban

in court.

I suppose this should not be any surprise given that Maryland is a ‘blue’ Democrat run state and at the same time has many military bases within its borders. And especially now, given this revelation by the Pew Poll: “77% of Democrats with 4-Year Degrees Think Sex Not Determined at Birth”

Wow! I mean wow!

Now even being the jingoistic myrmidon that I am, someone who joined the Army in the late ‘70’s when everyone told him not to, I would have trepidation about joining the military today knowing that without a doubt it will be entirely possible for a mentally ill grievance monger like this Navy petty officer (a petty officer first class, equivalent to an Army or Marine staff sergeant, a squad leader in other words) to be placed in authority over me. Someone with a severe and maladaptive personality disorder bordering on psychosis, such that they cannot entirely distinguish between the realities that confront them in life and the fantasies playing out in their own minds. A situation like that couldn’t possibly have a bad ending, could it?

It does make one wonder what our military is fighting for, to ‘make the world safe for LGBTQ’? Is that something most people would want to risk death to defend? The recent Pew Poll revelation indicates that a three-quarters majority of college educated Democrats believes that transgenderism is normal, just typical adolescent angst and a search for one’s identity. Now college educated Democrats are not the sort of people who typically join the U.S. Armed Forces in great numbers anymore, but do those people really believe the LGBTQ cause is something worth dying for? All Leftist virtue signaling aside, I guess we are going to find that out.


World War Update.

Army lifts ban on recruits with mental health history

“People with a history of “self-mutilation,” bipolar disorder, depression and drug and alcohol abuse can now seek waivers to join the Army under an unannounced policy enacted in August, according to documents obtained by USA TODAY.”

Well this can’t possibly have a bad ending, eh?

“In an especially surprising result for many people looking at this phenomenon, a comprehensive study released in May 2016 found that soldiers who have never deployed account for the majority of suicides.”

“The authors also report that about 40 percent of enlisted Soldiers who had never deployed accounted for about 61 percent of the enlisted Soldiers who attempted suicide. Among those who never deployed, risk of a suicide attempt was highest in the second month of service. For Soldiers on their first deployment, the risk of suicide attempt was highest in the sixth month of deployment. For previously deployed Soldiers, the risk was highest five months after they returned.”

Self Harm May Predict Suicide in Vets - Other familiar factors also tied to heightened suicide risk in large study: “Past diagnoses of self-inflicted injuries, bipolar disorder, major depression, and substance misuse are the strongest predictors of suicide among veterans, researchers found." by Neel A. Duggal, Contributing Writer, MedPage Today October 07, 2016

Soldiers' Suicide Risk Often Starts Before Boot Camp

Army lifts ban on recruits with mental health history

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