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Harlem Park Head Shot
4:30 P.M., Wednesday, 11/15/17, 900 Block of Bennett Place

A BPD homicide detective was investigating killing when he noticed a hoodrat acting more like a squirrel than a rat and attempted to engage him in conversation, which earned him a bullet in the brain.

The idiot mayor, whore district attorney and hogtied Police Commissioner are somehow in shock over this, when it has been known for over two years that police cannot go into many Baltimore neighborhoods in less than five-man squads.

A bitchhunt is now on for the assassin, who has a $64,000 price on his head and is at large among a population whose mothers are generally willing to sell their children for a pack or carton of cigarettes and amongst whom loyalty is an alien concept. We may expect him to be captured and prove an exception to the rule that Harm City hoodrats don't snitch.

The gang dominant in this neighborhood is '52 Hoover Gangster Crip. In Baltimore we have been in this place, where people are being gunned down in broad daylight and cops are faced with many no-go zones, yet the administration has refused to admit it. Finally, they are looking into the truth without a reasonable lie to dispel it. The ATF is assisting with the investigation.

Dawn in Dindustan

Conducting the Moral Autopsy 0f a Nation

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