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The Land Down Under Cucked and Fucked
By William Rapier

You would not believe the bs here on the gay marriage issue. Why does the Alt right even bother, any genetic worth has long been washed away.

Forget about the myth of Croc Dundee and the rugged heterosexual outdoorsman being the typical Aussie, for the typical Aussie is today likely to be gay, or trans, or antifa, or at the other extreme, Muslim, or Chinese, or anything but the ANZAC type of men that foolishly built and died for this nation, all for nothing:

The final results of the same sex marriage vote was 61.6 percent Yes, 38.4 percent No. New South Wales, which I think has a non-white majority now, had the highest No vote of 42 percent, largely due to Muslims and Chinese opposing this. In the future when Australia fully becomes a Muslim Chinese country, all of these politically correct laws will of course go, to be replaced by sharia law. That’s survival of the fittest folks, and is all for the best.

There is still a little distance though, to catch up to Sweden in the cucked stakes:

Not to worry, for all of the traditional institutions have been destroyed anyway, marriage biting the dust with the dawn of feminism in the 1960s. Thus, all of this is really academic, much like the Alt Right protests. It does not matter about “optics” since the normies are not only blind, but brain dead as well:

What normies care about is comfort, and that means resources, especially oil, gas, fuel and electricity. The really good news is that the peal oil freaks look like they were right after all, according to a report from the hyper-bank HSBC:

The report has a neat 10 point summary, ready for the exam at the end of the paper, but if you are transitioning, then you won’t have to do the exam:

“1. The oil market may be oversupplied at present, but we see it returning to balance in 2017e.

2. By that stage, effective spare capacity could shrink to just 1% of global supply/demand of 96mbd, leaving the market far more susceptible to disruptions than has been the case in recent years.

3. Oil demand is still growing by ~1mbd every year, and no central scenarios that we recently assessed see oil demand peaking before 2040.

4. 81% of world liquids production is already in decline (excluding future redevelopments).

5. In our view a sensible range for average decline rate on post-peak production is 5-7%, equivalent to around 3-4.5mbd of lost production every year.

6. By 2040, this means the world could need to replace over 4 times the current crude oil output of Saudi Arabia (>40mbd), just to keep output flat.

7. Small oilfields typically decline twice as fast as large fields, and the global supply mix relies increasingly on small fields: the typical new oilfield size has fallen from 500-1,000mb 40 years ago to only 75mb this decade.

8. New discoveries are limited: last year the exploration success rate hit a record low of 5%, and the average discovery size was 24mbbls.

9. US tight oil has been a growth area and we expect to see a strong recovery, but at 4.6mbd currently it represents only 5% of global supply.

10. Step-change improvements in production and drilling efficiency in response to the downturn have masked underlying decline rates at many companies, but the degree to which they can continue to do so is becoming much more limited.”

Ok, so oil is fucked, sooner than I thought. Hopefully the Black Death over in Africa, the land of the free, will mutate soon into a hyper-lethal zombie apocalypse form, to add further spice to our otherwise gay, multicult lives:

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