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Doomsday World Weary Book Reviews: Part I
By Eirik Bloodaxe

So I got drunk. Instead of doing the sensible thing of banging some hole and contracting herpes or HIV or both, I did something worse. For some unknown reason I bought a whole pile of Kindle books even though I vowed never to buy another book, except James’ again. Now I have these books and feel compelled to read them, but also nauseated as well, as my deep sense of nihilism, impending doom and world-weariness make me cranky. Once I could sit down and read Kant’s “Critique of Pure Reason” and understand maybe three words per hour, but now I would just duct tape the book to a stick to make an improvized club.

Anyway, here is my pissed off with the world book review.

NUMBER 1: first up is a Wing Chun book by some well-fed Chinese guy. In China, they used to watch such people shit, in their unique squat public toilets, and say: “look at the size of the turd he is doing. He must be well fed.” Jesus, why the fuck did I buy this? I won’t even review it. I read a few pages and I just wanted to shit too. And, why can’t I delete things from the Cloud Reader? I don’t even know what a Cloud Reader is, but here I am, already in existential crisis. But I must press on for my one reader fan (mum, reading in the nursing home for the senile).

NUMBER 2: Tomislav Sunic, “Titans are in Town” (Arktos, 2017):

which I keep thinking of as “The Boys are Back in Town”:

But, hey, this is a work by an intellectual, with a preface by Professor Kevin MacDonald, so it must have got up someone’s snout, so maybe that’s why I brought it. Also, I think Sunic is a critic of Christianity so I may have been curious about whether there were any anti-Christ goodies aboard. Nope.

The Titans were defeated by the gods, and kept under the thumb, but eternally strive to tip the balance and win, although the odds are not good. Hence, a metaphor for our plight and literally essays exploring said theme. That’s about all I retained. I fell asleep at “Schopenhauer and the Perception of the Real or Surreal Postmodernity.” What the fuck? How will this help you when the home invaders are at the door? I am dog-tired of intellectualism, it weighs heavy on me, because I know that it is for nothing, and within 100 years, will just be carbon.

NUMBER 3: Ronald Williams, “Economic Collapse Survival Guide” (2017):

This is for the doomsday virgins out there, giving a beginner’s guide. There is nothing in this book which I disagree with, except perhaps that the author is a bit too idealistic about barter encounters in the post-apocalypse. As I see it, most people will just rip your heart out and take your stuff, so it is best to have all your shit together before the other more smelly shit hits the industrial size fan. Overall this is a good book to give to normies as it won’t scare them like say, my crap would.

Number 4; fuck we are just ripping along now, with the cost of a couple of six packs having been wasted. Next, Ricardo Duchesne, “Faustian Man in a Multicultural Age” (Arktos, 2017):

Fortunately some fucker, and it could even be me, did a review of this that has gone on James’ site, somewhere, so let’s just fucking move on. That was easy, giving me time for a quick piss.

Number 5: ok, prostate still holding in there. Oh, now I am too tired to continue. I will do some more in the next run, as I clean up my shit, finish of my totally useless writing fetish and prepare for the good things to come, as described at this site. At some point, we need to see all of this writing as just exhausting and pointless, and get battle-ready instead of merely talking and dreaming about it.

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Lynn LockhartNovember 18, 2017 2:52 PM UTC

Mr. Bloodaxe, I can't say exactly why, but you might be my favorite Australian contributor.