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'Back Into Your Pocket'
Shep Wants the Author to Get the Biggest Possible Cut of the Sale Price

James, I'm gonna get Poet for a friend of mine for Christmas. I saw there are several copies on Amazon, but I wondered there are any other sources that put more of the sale price back into your pocket.

Shep, below is the price structure for Poet. After I checked it I raised the price $1, so my son wouldn't chew me out. he says I should be getting $1 a copy or more for expanded distribution. The author puts in a list price and the platform spits out the following royalty numbers, depending on the sales channel. Amazon has discontinued the Create Space estore, which permitted the subsidiary POD platform to sell direct at the same price, but giving more to the author. That is gone.

List Price 12.99

Royalty by Channel

Minimum list price for this title is $10.40


Expanded Distribution

Other online outlets that buy from Amazon


Amazon, Great Britain

Minimum list price for this title is £5.77



For books printed in continental Europe

Minimum list price for this title is €6.52


AS you can see, the Queen of Rivers, gets the lion's share.

Now, I can buy a copy of Poet for a dollar more than my royalty, but the shipping costs about $5 for the first book and $2 for each additional one. So, for one copy, just buy it on Amazon. However, if you are spending over $20, send me a check, money order or cash to my address on Caucasian Avenue and email the books you want. It will take 2-3 weeks for my son to wholesale them out to you.

Thanks for your concern, Shep.

Reverent Chandler: The Saga of Fend

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ShepNovember 16, 2017 4:39 PM UTC