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Cop Killing
What is the Significance of the Blatant Daylight Execution of a Baltimore City Homicide Detective?

The reward is now up to 215K and it is apparent that the slain detective was with a partner.

Murderbowl Update.

Video: New details show slain detective may have been shot with own gun

Jayne Miller

I-Team Reporter


The manhunt for Detective Sean Suiter's killer continues, and police are saying they expect to be in the area of that crime scene at least through the weekend. The 11 News I-Team has new details about the shooting and what happened in the moments immediately after.

Murderbowl Update.

The reward is up 170K now.

Manhunt Underway After Baltimore Police Detective Fatally Shot

Thanks, Jeremy.

What a cluster fuck.


You’re welcome James.

Yeah it’s a mess all right? On the upside the populace is starting to feel a greater connection to the police, eh? The police aren’t safe from the bangers either.

How do you figure this will play out James? Will the dindu gangbangers take over the city? Will Harm City turn into a big no-go zone?

We are seeing the same trend here in the Midwest wherever there is a large and/or growing population of blacks: crime but no punishment. Then the crime gets worse and worse. It’s only after the poor oppressed dindus kill someone that the authorities decide it’s time to put them in prison. The populace in the inner cites are now calling on the police to ‘do something', but that something never includes incarcerating black offenders, even recidivist ones. Even with this catch and release policy the fact that the county jails and state prisons are full of blacks just shows the scope and depth of black criminal activity.

Jeremy, there is a chance that this was a lone actor. If so, he is toast and someone will cash in on that now 189,000 K reward.

Make no mistake, he was seen by bystanders. People in Harlem Park know who this dude is, or they know who brought him into town. If he is not given up, I suspect one of two options:

1. that the 52 Crips have the best gang cohesion and neighborhood control in the hood, or

2. that the 52 Crips brought this guy in from out of town to pushback against the recent aggressive policing.

Recent vociferous calls for the police to begin aggressive policing again has made Baltimore streets home to visible, aggressive policing, mostly by single-mounted cruisers. This threatened to restore police intelligence and nullify the no go zones established in late 2015. The 52 Crips were one of the gangs behind the Purge Riots of 2015. The sickened worry on DA Mosby's face tells me that she fears gang reprisals against her and hers.

Since this shooting, crime has been way up in East Baltimore, which I take it is no coincidence, since most crime in the Northeast is being committed by West Baltimore thugs. I see this killing as having been ordered to refocus police activity way from guarding soft civilian targets and on the hard thug target of Harlem Park.

The deterrence of police detective work, if you are in the murder business, is worth it alone. Imagine if a detective cannot go ask questions without a tactical team?

Imagine if all cops have to start riding double again?

Imagine if no go zones increase and hardening.

A no go zone is, of course, the province of a government alternative, a gang ruled territory.

Do note that this killing reversed the trend that had homicides fall to 2 per week from 8 per week.

Also, the fact that special consideration by media and the city administration will continue to be granted to blacks—who comprise 100% of violent gang actors in West & Northeast Baltimore—will muddy the waters more.

Thus far, three gangs have managed to drag Baltimore down to an internal war zone because they have been willing to take more risks than the police.

I heard numerous complaints from police and police-sympathetic Baltimoreans that my characterization of the Frederick Douglas High School students defeating the BPD in open battle was invalid, because the cops did not use their guns and held back.

[An appeal to fairness by the defeated is a clutch sign of weakness.]

Well, the kids could have brought their brother's guns but didn't. For that matter, the gangs could have sent adult rioters, but did not. This was a battle waged to test police morale and pin down the force, which actually broke police morale. Hence the slaughter to come, as the gangs lost respect for their enemy. If the neighbors or a gang member do not give up this shooter, cop hunting will become a rite of passage in Baltimore. Forget jump-ins and arrests. If this goes unpunished or unsolved, the initiation into a gang might consist of attacks on police.

Anarcho-Tyranny / Murderbowl Update.

“Residents are scared, saying no one is safe, not even police.”

Police detective shot in west Baltimore has died

Authorities continue to search for gunman, offer $69K reward

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