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Deep Throat
A Real Hero Story By Fred Beare

No, I don’t mean the pretty tame porno from 1972, the golden age of art porn, but rather I am thinking in an entirely veterinary way. I explain.

After my all night surveillance adventure dealing with scum my fucked-in-the-head neighbour rancher had brought in to try and replicate Woodstock, I got the flu, and ultimately needed antibiotics, because I could not afford any rest time from work (infection was bacterial, so antibiotics was a goer).

Anyway the doc told me what happened to him on the weekend. He was doing a house call, and his son rang him to say that their beloved Dober guard dog, had blood on its snout and was choking. The doc said, well don’t fuck around, get him to the vet.

Turns out the faithful dog was choking on part of a Black human hand, primarily an index and thumb had been torn off. It was from a housebreaker, but the doctor and vet did not ring hospitals, not wanting to create any liability foothold for scumbag lawyers who as SJW love to defend the trash of the world.

The human remains were simply disposed of, in a clinical fashion.

The dog recovered quickly and has been advised to go for softer parts of the human anatomy next time, such as ripping out the throat. It is a true patriotic dog, the sort of dog that makes America great.

Turd America

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ShepNovember 18, 2017 3:41 PM UTC

Good doggo! Who's a good boy?

BobNovember 17, 2017 10:42 PM UTC

I had friends who recount a very similar story with their Doberman, found choking on a housebreaker's finger. They were traumatized by the event, though the perp was arrested. The next dogs were Dachshunds.