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Slave Markets to Come
By Lucas McKane

Slavery, despite the efforts of the church and all matter of do good humanitarians, never died, and probably there are more slaves alive today, in a technical sense, than there were back in the old days. The Muslims in Britain technically have enslaved white female children in sexual grooming :

Initially, the police did not intervene since they did not want to be seen as “racist.” Hence, the system has worked to promote white slavery and genocide:

It is not surprising then that in places like Libya, slaves are being sold in auctions for the firesale price of $ 400.

Yeah, this is worth reading, not because we should care about the Arab/African conflict behind this, but because, allegedly, Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State knew it all:

If Donny Crump had any nut at all, he would pursue this, enlightening American Blacks, because, hell, Black lives matter, even in Libya. So, everybody, take it up with Hellary.

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Tony RoosterNovember 17, 2017 3:24 PM UTC

Mauritania still has something like a quarter of their population living as slaves. Blacks enslaved by Arabs.