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Coed Sports & Severed Heads
The Crackpot Podcast Ep 16

Episode 16 of the Crackpot Podcast with LaFond & Lockhart brings you discussions of professional sports, domestic violence, insects and the slave instinct, totally unsubstantiated speculation on the Las Vegas shooting, child rearing, description of 19th century art and more.

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Audio only:

00:02:30 Quote from Seneca

00:04:13 The importance of the physical world

00:05:15 Darwin and the slave instinct

00:07:02 Specialization is for insects

00:11:10 Evola

00:12:20 At first James thought Lynn was a dude

00:16:20 Queens more likely to go to war than kings historically

00:20:25 Sports as a spectator vs a participant

00:27:25 College sports

00:31:05 NFL, Ray Rice

00:35:25 Coed sports in ancient Greece

00:38:40 Origins of ball sports

00:39:45 Lacrosse

00:43:00 The importance of tool use for women's self defense

00:46:50 Preschool

00:50:06 Las Vegas update

01:01:30 Self censorship

01:03:31 Today's art, by Baroness Hyde de Neuville an 1821 sketch of a war dance for President Monroe, as seen in American Heritage Book of the Presidents and Famous Americans, Vol. 2.

01:16:50 Update on James' coaching and training availability.

01:23:50 Current events from two weeks ago

(c) 2017 Lynn Lockhart

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Sam J.November 17, 2017 8:10 PM UTC

I should have added, thanks Lynn for all the work you do on these videos.

On the Vegas thing there's just no doubt. There's a video done by a taxi driver where there's a low, far away shot then a very loud shot right over her. There's no way at all that this is one shooter. Here's a line up of what I see as the most important videos. Watch these and you have the balance of what went on that WE can access. The last video,"First shots of Las Vegas Worst Mass Shooting in U.S. history - Oct 1, 2017" really backs up what all the others are saying about someone being in the crowd shooting. Notice that you hear a few low pops and then masses of people running away BEFORE the rifle shots start. People are not running for nothing.

I think you may be right about this being a warning and to show Trumps lack of control but I admit I don't understand how they expect this to play out. How do they expect to get away with it? It seems awful arrogant of them. Psychopaths???? Someone noted that there were massive gun shots all up and down the strip but somehow these were stopped from killing a large number of people. One of the witnesses saw shooters with silenced M-16's shooting. This leads to another twist on this. Someone said that Trump knew that something was going down and had people there who killed the terrorist but didn't get all of them. Now this is crazy but who knows. The whole thing is bizarre that a group of people can open up on a concert and have the whole damn thing covered up. The analysis of the taxi video and the "shots hitting compared to report timing" video show there's no way possible at all that there was just one person. Now many believe Trump is on our side but...I don't know that. How can he not move against the owners of these hotels which you know allowed the whole thing to happen. The biggest hits occur in areas the Jews control. New York, Vegas. I wonder how long before they set off a nuke in a midwestern town and start screaming about ISIS and North Korea?

The best footage about Vegas is

Forensic acoustic proof of SECOND shooter in the Las Vegas massacre

Watch the Las Vegas cab driver's video. You can tell there is more than one shooter.

"Taxi Driver Video" the Zapruder Film of the Las Vegas shooting UNCUT / UNEDITED 18 minutes

This guy does a great analysis of the taxi driver video and slows down the various shots and echos. Obviously not one shooter.

Las Vegas Shooting: Varying Sounds Of Fire Were NOT From Echo

There's lots and lots of witnesses that said there were shooters at multiple locations around the strip and not just at the concert.

The Bellagio: What happened?

Gio Rios Las Vegas Eyewitness Report of Multiple Shooters at the Tropicana and NyNy

I've looked at a lot of them. These are some of the best. Lots of other good ones but these cover a lot of ground. All the witnesses I've seen videos of say there was more than one shooter.

This directly validates witnesses that say there was a shooter in the crowd. One witness said a Man dropped one firework. (She assumed he did that to confuse people). After that he started shooting people. In this video you can hear the first firecracker then some other shots MUCH quieter than the barrage of machine gun fire that follows.

The most important point is that it's backing up the witnesses saying there was a shooter in the crowd. The stampede of people moving towards the videographer happens long before the full auto fire opens up.

First shots of Las Vegas Worst Mass Shooting in U.S. history - Oct 1, 2017
LynnNovember 17, 2017 8:05 PM UTC

Yes, Sam J, I named the file wrong. Sorry about that!
Sam J.November 17, 2017 6:46 PM UTC

I noticed the link at internet archive

it says 015 instead of 016 ???