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Fighting Slaughterbots
By Eirik Bloodaxe

Ok, we will have to face, as well as all of the other psychos, autonomous weapons, like small drones with C4 and other explosives:

Even without the C4, drones can be potential killers:

Obviously, the problem is knowing if one of these pesky flying fuckers is after you. If you know, then evasion, going to secure indoors, with an escape exit. As they operate from facial recognition, facemasks could be donned. Don’t be shy, in this transgender age, wearing the hijab/burqa combo may not be so bad. You could get away with being just your friendly neighborhood terrorist, and probably get loads of government benefits, including, maybe, your very own slaughterbot.

What about if you are on your own and have to fight one of these killer drones? There are suggestions about use of EMP weapons to fry the circuitry, radio frequency jammers, laser weapons, the use of eagles and various types of net projectiles:

However, most suggestions have been to use a semi-auto shotgun firing birdshot:—Ury-Q

The slaughterbots are going to be much smaller than these drones, basically as big as a human hand. They will be extremely difficult to hit with any projectile. So, we have a big fucking problem. I do not know if a flame thrower would work. Maybe in the worst case scenario a ballistic shield might help, and if that is illegal, as in my shithole, perhaps a buckler mounted on a staff, to use not to swat, but to bang/ram the drone, hopefully setting it off. With luck there will only be a small amount of C4 in it; otherwise you will just be fucked.

It is a great world they have made. Anyway, while on the ‘Tube, I saw this on the side bar and thought it mildly amusing:

Perhaps a thot could be used as a meat shield?

The Great Train Wreck of the West

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