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Apocalypse Update.

What does the darkening future offer the old and aging?

Good question! One I’m especially concerned about being as I am one. But when the SHTF it will be everyone for himself and devil take the hindmost, won’t it?

A prepper’s perspective.

See also When All Hell breaks Loose by Cody Lundin, Chapter 16. It is one of the few survival/prepper manuals I have found that discuses at length techniques and procedures for the sanitary disposal of human remains under adverse conditions. Don’t forget to keep it legal and notify the county coroner though...if he’s still taking calls.

What Will Become Of The Old People?

by Lint Picker

Much has been written about caring for the young in our society during difficult times, but what will become of the old people?

We all know old people. Either we have elderly parents or grandparents or neighbors, or we are the elderly. Have you ever contemplated what you would do for (or to) the elderly in a SHTF scenario or during TEOTWAWKI? I have. Would you abandon them and save yourself? Or would you risk your own wellbeing in order to help them? It’s a tough call and one that should be considered BEFORE things spiral out of control any further. Here are my thoughts on the elderly during really difficult times.

I have elderly relatives who are not preppers. In fact, they are the opposite – always living for today and ignoring the future. They are totally unaware of the dangers we face in this complex world. My conscience, however, will not allow me to abandon them if there is any way I can help them. Since I am not getting any younger myself, I also contemplate how I will survive as I age. It’s not pleasant to think of these things, but I believe they are important issues to raise and to discuss.

One option, I suppose, would be to painlessly put the elderly out of their misery should things deteriorate quickly. If a horrible pandemic strikes their neighborhood and they catch the disease and there is no way they can recover but only suffer, then perhaps that is a humane choice to make. Maybe a terrorist bomb goes off and blows your elderly loved one’s legs off and you can’t care for them because the terrorists are still planting bombs. So you may think that humanely ending the life of that loved one is your only real option. God forbid these things happen and you have to seriously make such gut-wrenching choices, but bad things happen to good people and you may want to mull over, in advance, if you could or would dispatch your elderly relatives. I am not sure I could...

Anarcho-Tyranny Update.

Confused NYPD cops afraid of ‘stopping anyone’ under new stop-and-frisk policies

NYPD cops are terrified of “stopping anyone” under new stop-and-frisk policies, fearing that the brass “won’t have our backs,” a court-appointed monitor reported.

Attorney Peter Zimroth, who is tasked with implementing ­court-ordered reforms to the NYPD’s controversial stop-and-frisk program, said officers have been telling trainers that they are unsure “what’s expected” of them.

“Officers have said, ‘The law is confusing. I don’t know what’s expected of me anymore,’ ” Zimroth wrote in a memo to Manhattan federal Judge Analisa Torres, outlining focus-group feedback ahead of new training procedures.

And he quotes other officers as saying, “With the environment that we’re in now, it’s not worth stopping anyone because the department won’t have our backs.”

Cops have also been telling trainers that the bureaucratic burdens of any stop are making the job even more difficult, with some comparing the task of filling out the NYPD’s new required paperwork to applying for a home loan.

“It is definitely not worth doing the” required paperwork, cops have said, according to the memo.

“That form is toxic, and there’s too much paperwork. It’s like doing a mortgage application.”

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Peter ZimrothAP

Jihad Update.

© Rahmat Gul/Associated Press Security forces at the scene of a suicide bombing in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Thursday.

A Policeman’s Bear Hug Stops a Suicide Bomber From Killing More

The Diverse States of America.

“In the 1989-90 school year, whites made up about two-thirds of the public-school population, the report said. In 2015-16, that figure was down to 46.6 percent, yet the typical white student attended a school that was more than two-thirds white.”

“New Jersey has moved another substantial step toward a segregated future with no racial majority but severe racial stratification and division,” the report said.

Report: Whites no longer in majority in NJ schools, segregation persists

Autumn in a Dying City: Letters from the Last Whiteman in Baltimore

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