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Thunderbird: Outline
Notes on Reader-Inspired Fiction

Thunderbird was outlined, initially, as a three act myopic. However, since receiving emails, texts and comments to the good, and thinking it would be good to have this story, originally conceived by Ishmael, run up to December 3, the day before his surgery, I have expanded it to seven acts, after which I will close out the fiction year with Animal Control.

I find, at the end of the year, as I wrap up nonfiction projects and engage in the tedium of publishing books, that writing action-oriented fiction is therapeutic.




Act 1: Stone-River Camp

Act 2: Iron-Fence Camp

Act 3: Insane Raven

Act 4: Blue Dog Order-Maker

Act 5: Yes! By the Light of 100 Fires

Act 6: Soot-White War-Night

Act 7: Thunderbird

.........Horizon Song


Night City: The Short Fiction of James LaFond: 2015-16

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