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‘More Sulky than an Oliverian Countenance’
‘RUN Away, in the Night’: A Convict Servant Man, Slave by Another Name

February 7, 1771

The Pennsylvania Gazette

FOURTEEN DOLLARS Reward. RUN away, in the night of the 6th of November last, from Marlborough Forge, in Frederick county, Virginia,

a convict servant man, named John Campbell, born in Ireland, is a thick well set fellow, appears to be between 35 and 40 years of age, 5 feet 7 or 8 inches high, has short black curled hair, double chin, and somewhat wrinkled face, rather more sulky than an oliverian countenance; [1]

he has a remarkable scar on the outside of his right leg, occasioned by a cut with a scythe, also, on the shin of the left leg, a scar, by a cut with an axe; [2]

had on, when he went off, a light or ash coloured fly coat, lined with red, white and blue linsey, waistcoat outside of the same, lined with red shaloon, shirt and trowsers of country made linen, a flag silk handkerchief about his neck, an old hat, and steel buckles in his shoes.

Whoever takes up said Campbell, if out of the colony, and brings him home, shall have the above reward; or if secured in any of his Majestygoals, so that his master may have him again, shall have Ten Dollars, paid by WILLIAM HOLMES.

N.B. If taken in or near, or to the northward of Philadelphia, by acquainting Isaac Zane [3] thereof, that he may have him secured, or delivered to him, shall be intitled to the last mentioned (Ten Dollars) reward.


1. Looking stern, like a puritan in the mold of Oliver Cromwell

2. Common land clearance injuries. A convict servant’s time was generally reckoned at 14 years.

3. The Zanes would be prominent in West Virginia in the next generation

So His Master May Have Him Again

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