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The Cornfield Takes Another Hit
Baltimore cannot figure out why Target is leaving Ground Zero for black violence

Colin does great work, and even though he pretends I don't exist and refuses to respond to our query, I understand. He's a cop guy. Cops hate me and he couldn't very well expunge the taint from actually talking with me, even though I know six people who work at Mondawmin, which is An old Algonquian word for Cornfield.

At the supermarket across the street looters wait at the front door for it to open at 6 a.m. and the rush in.

Car thieves try to steel cars right in front of cops and owners.

Gangs of thugs board at the bus terminal for a trip over to Cedonia, where they will dismount and raid as far as my home and my workplace, separated by 10 miles.

Baltimore is a War Zone, a place that has no moral space for the quivering figments of a dying race.

I love Colin's video sourcing and his courage and hope he keeps going into the fray.

Thanks to Mescaline for the link.

Mescaline Franklin

Some nice footage I have not seen before, like the redhead paleface cameraman getting smacked around.

Every white person in this video just exudes weakness…you can feel it, smell it and you know the fellas do too.

Autumn in a Dying City: Letters from the Last Whiteman in Baltimore

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