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Where Should the Violence Guy Go? by Jeremy Bentham

Well hope you are able to figure out how to keep the cash flow going. This obstructionism by Amazon and Pay-Pal is infuriating. Even more so since there is nothing we can do in the short term to hit back.

On the other hand eventually it was going to be time to leave Baltimore. It was all too evident that the persistent mismanagement, malfeasance and downright lunacy of the city’s rulers would allow crime to become so rampant and widespread as to make the city unlivable for anyone who wasn’t a black criminal. No even the police aren’t safe from attack and everyone can see that.

Where would you go?

Of course I recommend moving to Detroit. It’s another crime-ridden hell-hole of Black Run America too. But you can buy a house there for just a couple of hundred dollars and Michigan’s more permissive gun laws makes for a more level playing field between the citizens and the criminal players. The winters are brutally cold too, but wearing a big coat just makes it easier to conceal your weapons. It wouldn’t be a bad place to live if you’re used to grungy, chaotic crime-ridden black majority big cities anyway. Not so much culture shock. You wouldn’t get freaked because someone left the front door unlocked and insisted that there is no danger. LOL!

I suppose West Virginia is closer and similarly gun friendly. I believe they recently went to constitutional carry too (no permit required for concealed carry).

As violent, out of control and anti-white as the dindus have become it makes no sense to me for an old white person to live anyplace where they aren’t allowed to efficiently arm yourself. All that will happen otherwise is that you will get robbed and badly beaten up all the time by gangs of younger and stronger dindus. If not killed outright. It’s the Overton Window effect: the out of control black crime will make a white ethno-state suddenly seem like a perfectly reasonable solution.


Jeremy, thanks for the tips!

You might have read here somewhere that I have resigned in advance—I'm no longer a grocery clerk, as of January 24.

With 2k a year in writing and 8K in clerking money I have been living comfortably enough.

As my knees groaned their last, I saw that my projected writing income would rise to 3k, just 1k short of what I need to remain in my home—I trade sex for food, so that isn't an issue. So I decided on taking the honorable and functional way out of work rather than working until I went out with an on-the-job injury. I was gambling on being able to double my writing income.

Well, with my one lucrative genre—Harm City—being targeted for suppression [the term that Amazon employed when notifying me] that the book had been withdrawn from circulation and unlisted, and that I would not even be able to purchase a single hard copy for myself from their printer, it became clear that being able to pay my rent to my good friend and benefactor would be a long shot.

As Big Ron pointed out, Steve is the kind of guy that would work with me, let me slide, maybe let me cut the grass and clean the house to even things out. But I wouldn't negotiate with him for a guaranteed reduction in his income. He has not raised my rent a dime in 7 years. I need to let him know that I'll be through my savings by May, even if my writing income picks up 50%, and will move off in weather conducive to the hobo lifestyle.

I have two options: nomadic homelessness, as various folks, in town, out of town and out of state, have offered to put me up for various lengths of time, or moving deeper into the ghetto.

I like Jeremy's idea about Detroit. But it would make me a home owner, a payer of taxes to a society I hate.

For 7 years, I have lived in Baltimore, rather than Baltimore County, so I could afford to write as a main focus.

By that logic, I could mover deeper into the ghetto and rent a room for $200 instead of $400 a month. I would have done this already, but for the fact I work and leave the house at predictable times, which would set me up for ambushes and burglary. Well, now that I will not be working, I could rent a room in such a war zone and be closer to the fun.

This holds its appeal to me, as I suspect, based on the facts of this book suppression, that a complaint was lodged by a reader with Baltimore City Government, a person who follows this site, and who thought the release of this particular book would be bad for anarcho-tyranny business. I will discuss this on a podcast.

So, over the next few months I will develop a string of contacts from my old interview notes, who would be glad to have me a month or two at a time. I'll live out of a bag, gift my library to Steve in return for being able to use it and live semi-nomadically at various locations, migrating out of state and back, depending on the need to access the 300 hard backs I have amassed for the completion of the planned history books, and generally be, well, an anarchistic dickhead.

Fortune, tawdry slut that she is, grins eternally upon the Unrepentant.

In the meantime, Lynn has suggested something called Hatreon for the blogspot, which holds immense appeal to the misanthrope within.

Thanks for the support, Jeremy.

Autumn in a Dying City: Letters from the Last Whiteman in Baltimore

The Boned Zone: Surviving Urban Predation

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MockingbirdNovember 20, 2017 7:32 PM UTC

Hey, as you're heading towards retirement, I'd like to thank you so much for your writings. I'm a skinny mf ( 5'7.5" and about 140 lbs) who works security in a nice white area down South, and your teaching makes my life a lot easier. I hope you don't end up homeless in your elder years, as your skills would make you good money in a just world.

Your work put me into just how crazy a dystopian future could be in America. It's like the wild west out there in Bmore and getting worse every day! I couldn't make it out there and I don't think most people could. That $hit is insane.

So, as a token of appreciation, here is my two cents:

I know several people (2 young ladies, both black) from there who fled. One went to Texas and married. One went to Alabama, and her family (black middle class) moved to the county. You should follow that idea and get out of there now. As great a goldmine of dystopian writing as it is. You won't be able to defend yourself forever, and as lawlessness spreads and cops get capped in broad daylight, it will become a killzone, with no safety anywhere.

Maryland is shit about gun laws. The south is a much better region. I personally am free to carry my stuff at all times with my permit down here. Lots of fun owners, much safer, lots of good strong rednecks and non pussified whites, and respectable black folks too.

There are other ethnic groups too, and they are slowly growing. But for the most part (there are ghettos but navigating these down here would be cake to you, as you could own guns and use them in self defense), it's pretty safe. Also the cost of living is low and jobs are reasonably plentiful. You could scrape by pretty good, as churches and shelters would help you get established.

I understand your ties to the area, but do you REALLY want to live your twilight years a broken down old fart at the mercy of a bunch of savages with no respect for their elders?

Whatever you do, be safe man. I know this ain't much, but if you want, I'll do a month of research on helping you move down here and get a decent start. I have worked with at least one older black man who moved down from Chicago to reset his life. It's never too late. If you are interested, email me and I'll give more details. Hell, I'd buy you a bus ticket too, if you wanted.

I would hate to see your stories life end on a low note, big brother. I'll send a prayer up for you.

Much love and respect,

responds:November 21, 2017 1:08 AM UTC

Mocking bird,

I really appreciate your vantage and am glad I've been able to help.

I don't plan on letting this shit show kill me, or, more importantly squash my work.

A couple million faggots trying to control every syllable that every one of us tens of millions of assholes and jerks thinks and writes, well that is doomed to failure.

I'm hoping that being free and poor at the same time will heal some of what ails.

Remember, you are a small welterweight, so the angle is always your friend.

Take care,

JoeFourNovember 20, 2017 9:23 AM UTC

James - I have a I don't think you'll like...but here goes: apply for social security disability. You've paid in your whole life...might as well get some of your contribution back when it can do the most good. My understanding is disability claim filings are complicated and those who use a lawyer who specializes in filing such claims are much more successful in getting approved than those who don't.
responds:November 20, 2017 3:44 PM UTC

I appreciate that suggestion and do think that it would have value towards crashing a corrupt system. I think that anything that damages a corrupt order is to the good.

However, I plan on getting more physical, not less. And have decided to fight again next year, just to spit in the eye of the goddess. In that case, going on disability would be dishonorable.

I am actually looking forward to being truly dirt poor as a means of bettering myself in the many ways I lack.
Ruben ChandlerNovember 20, 2017 12:19 AM UTC

Avec plaisir, mon amis! My review is live now. Your self appointed censor will at least know that I speak directly to him or her. I didn't realize it was only the print version. I jumped the gun a bit, eh? Serves the fuckers right.
responds:November 20, 2017 6:09 AM UTC

There is a separate process for kindle, during which the hive mind searches for content duplicated online and then checks with the publisher to make sure eh realizes this—kind of an open domain governor. Also, the kindle process—if you have already uploaded for print—is dependent upon the print version.

Luckily, the two paths diverge and do not cross check.

thanks for the review, Ruben.
Ruben ChandlerNovember 20, 2017 12:05 AM UTC

My review is on there now......... Cliff Notes for the End Times. Even if you live with your parents, which according to many sources three out of five millennials do, you NEED this book. Everyone needs this book. I like the plug for it, "Do you want a guide, or do you want to just wing it?". If you, or your parents, aren't extremely well to do and don't have armed escorts to take you to school, then you are already well aware of the level of animosity on the streets of all of our cities. This book needs to be out there. It needs to be seen. Situational awareness in American cities is paramount to survival. Those that would suppress this book would take milk from little school children and candy from babies. This book can save lives. One questions why anyone entity, corporate or otherwise, would want to interfere with that.
responds:November 20, 2017 5:16 AM UTC

For now, Ruben, this book is available on Kindle, but not in print.

The print version went up first and got snuffed, which I did not notice until I put up the kindle version—which takes a day longer.

I think my self-appointed censor is too lazy to scroll deeper than the first page on the standard listing!

Thanks for your support, Ruben.
Ruben ChandlerNovember 19, 2017 11:52 PM UTC

We should certainly, all, e-mail Amazon and protest on a number of levels. I don't want my reading censored by anyone. I have unfortunately been an official user of Ama for 10 years. One would hope that should carry some clout. I hear Paladin Press is folding up shop. I haven't heard from Loompanics in years but I wonder if they are still around. I would try Alternative Tentacles for product placement, even if they are lefty libtard swillbelchers and make it a free speech issue. But let's ALL be sure to put forward our protest letters to Beelzebubba Bezzos. Meanwhile, let's find a larger reaction.....a game plan, and leverage. I would love to see their rationale for banning this book or books as the case may be. I will now buy my copy in solidarity.
responds:November 20, 2017 5:07 AM UTC

Autumn in a Dying City was pulled within 8 hours of the listing, but before it could be read by anyone, and after it had gone through a 24 hour review. So whatever reason must be on the cover or back cover.

Thanks for the support, Ruben.
PRNovember 19, 2017 11:11 PM UTC

Leaving aside that I found James' new book just fine on Amazon and all of his other titles, I need to finally get off my duff and figure out the Brave browser payments so I can route money to James just by visiting this site. The Brave browser allows you to send bitcoin payments to the authors of your favorite sites.

Another option is to put the podcasts on a Patreon account.

Finally, try a side gig:

You're a man of considerable talent, James. Guys like you who are willing to do dirty work are also highly employable.
responds:November 20, 2017 5:11 AM UTC

Thanks for the vote of confidence, but from here on out I'll only write and coach.

My sons have done well and don't need my financial input, so I'm stepping off the planet for my last couple years.