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Brave Browsers
A Cryptocurrency Suggestion from the Butthole Surfer


Encourage your readers to use the Brave browser. They can go into the 'Preferences' menu followed by the 'Payments' menu and adjust which websites get most of the BAT. BAT are basic attention tokens which are a cryptocurrency Brave established to make its payment system work. Then you have to go over to Uphold, create a verified account by submitting your driver's license and a photo. Then you can create a BAT card and add funds to it. Once you have funds, you can make the payment using the URL shown in your Brave wallet. It's a PITA that doubtless will be streamlined later. The point is, the Brave browser is kind of like the Patreon of browsers - your readers can pay you monthly through the browser using a cryptocurrency.

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You should see if Amazon will pay you in a cryptocurrency that you can immediately convert into USD. This will make PayPal unnecessary.

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Tony CoxNovember 20, 2017 7:58 AM UTC

Get a PO box