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'He's Not Your Caesar'
Cycles in History - The Fourth Turning (Myth20c - Ep44) Myth of the 20th Century

There was a time before the thinker was alone at his desk.

There was a time before the thinker sat shoulder-to-shoulder with drones looking up at the truth-giver.

There was a time when men walked around in an athletic facility, amongst the grunts of prize-seekers, and sought elevated thought through incisive concourse.

Adam, Hans, Nick, Hank and Alex and their walkers around of the mind, have brought that time back into us, with Myth of the 21st Century.

There were some weak points of conformity, imposed by the false-frank order, early in this podcast. But as these young men tread closer to their own path, they unveiled the Slut of Civilization for what she ever was.

This was the development of interactive thought that young men of my generation only dreamed of.

Thanks, guys.

The Third Eye: A Journey Beyond the Dualistic Mind

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