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Goon Surfing?
A Gym Question from Big Ron


A 2 part question:

This I think is similar to your goon surfing technique and has self defense value

And what do you think of the wall-mounted bag similar to the Cus Damato willie bag? Thanks,

Big Ron

Ron, this video is goon surfing level one.

what is not specified is that you don't just push off, for if you do, you move him and get called for a foul and if you are on the street you might push too far forward, not get away, and get stabbed.

When pushing of you:

1. Push off with the lead arm, which only moves maybe 20% of your weight,

2. Push most of your weight off of your lead foot backward, while leaving the ear leg light, which is enabled by the lean forward permitted by the pushing on the opponent

3. When you have pushed off and the lead leg begins to drag and the rear leg comes to a halt, then you push off with the rear leg, effecting a skipping motion, dragging the rear leg until inertia comes into play again.

To expand this, if the opponent seeks to grapple in an MMA or street situation, you want to make sure the hand slides down rather than forward, as he will force past your hand and your readjustment has to be sensitive. If you try to stay strong, he gets past and your chest sinks in and he's got you. You must remember, when checking, or pushing off, that you need him—his weight—to push off of, or you will pitch forward, which makes any sharp, lateral movement by him dangerous.

The bag itself is a tightened up version of Damato's original, which I thought looked like mattress against a wall.

Advance this drill to a functional level by doing it on the hanging bag, which will force more separation from the lead leg push-off, rather than the stiffer hand push on the wall-braced bag.

Note, that when not wearing gloves the open hand is used, which is closer but more sensitive and more tactile.

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