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Happy and Gay, the Australasia Way
By Davo Dundee

With the majority of Australians being revealed as progressive and Left, with their overwhelming support for gay marriage, perhaps it is time to embrace the New World Order morality with a vengeance.

What are some of the exciting and diverse things the people could now vote for? I don’t mean Aboriginal recognition, or an Aboriginal super-parliament, as they are in the bag. What new things can the 61 percenters go for?

How about getting rid of the present “racist” flag and having the gay rainbow flag as the new national flag? After all, you voted for it, so embrace it.

Religious freedoms should all go. Free speech, that went long ago, but if anything of it remains, well sweep that in the dust bin too. Churches need to serve gay people, conducting gay weddings, everywhere.

For schools, phase out all learning about maths and science and replace this with compulsory Safe Schools/gay/LGBTI study, multicultural/feminist/queer studies. All university courses from Arts to Medicine to Physics will need to have compulsory pc studies taking up at least 50 percent of the degree.

Open migration; let’s stop messing around and get down to no restrictions on the movement of people, no border checks or concerns about disease, which discriminate against people anyway. All refugees are welcome, as the signs on the university campuses across the nation say. Finance all of this by increased tax on White workers only; say take 90 percent of their salaries, and eliminate the dole for them.

Appoint a socialist think tank to feed new policies to parliament on a daily basis.

Set up prisons in the deserts for anyone daring to challenge the new regime.

Would the Australian people support these measures in the name of equality and “fair go”? Sure, why not. Next to Sweden, no Western country has been as easy for the elites to knock over as Australia. They did not even raise a sweat doing it.

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