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Murderous Mystery...
And the Razor Blade Babe

Murderbowl Update.

Nobody can figure out who is behind all the murder and robbery. It’s as if the city were possessed by evil spirits. I guess the powers-that-be will just have to throw more of the taxpayer’s money at the inner city to make those evil spirits settle down.

“Even in a city where crime seems like a chronic rather than an episodic disease, the recent string of killings, shootings and robberies has felt qualitatively different. Mayor Catherine Pugh says the violence is out of control. Three years into a historic spike in killing, it’s not clear that anyone has any idea how to curtail it. In conversations private and public, in neighborhood gathering spaces and on social media, fear is rising.”

Baltimore residents react to recent violence: 'I don't really feel safe anywhere anymore'

Baltimore resident Owen Keith talks about the increase in violence in the city and what he thinks officials should do to help the problem. (Lloyd Fox/Baltimore Sun video)

Sitting in the hair salon she has owned for 27 years, Pamela Coleman was saying she hasn’t been a victim of crime herself. Then she quickly knocked on the nearest piece of wood — to avoid jinxing not only herself, but also her city.

Okay, Jeremy, let's stop right there. Pamela is a hot little, light-skinned doxy with crossed razor blades and automatic handguns tattooed on her biceps. We both buy our pizza at Pizza Bravo two doors from her salon. She has not been targeted because she runs a salon that provides a service...

I can't say anymore without opening myself to libel charged.

Let's just say that hood rats are not in the habit of going after the woman that beautifies their aunt and who just might be dating a certain someone...

Paleface Sunset: A Guide to Cultural Resistance in the Age of Felonious

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