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'Cliffnotes for the Endtimes'
Ruben Reviews Autumn in a Dying City

Cliffnotes for the Endtimes

By Ruben Chandleron November 19, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition


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Even if you live with your parents, which according to many sources three out of five millennials do, you NEED this book. Everyone needs this book. I like the plug for it, "Do you want a guide, or do you want to just wing it?". If you, or your parents, aren't extremely well to do and don't have armed escorts to take you to school, then you are already well aware of the level of animosity on the streets of all of our cities. This book needs to be out there. It needs to be seen. Situational awareness in American cities is paramount to survival. Those that would suppress this book would take milk from little school children and candy from babies. This book can save lives. One questions why any one entity, corporate or otherwise, would want to interfere with that.

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