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Anarchotyranny Update
The Crackpot Podcast, Special Episode 17

James LaFond describes the scene in Baltimore after the daylight execution of a police detective...

Lynn, the latest information is that the detective was with his partner and noticed a man acting suspicious, in other words making his presence known to intimidate witnesses in a 2016 killing in this neighborhood.

The detective was shot with his own gun, and there is a hopeful belief by the cops that the killer was wounded, though they will not mention how. It sounds like the detective may have placed a hand on a shoulder in a conversational way and then had his gun taken. This does not seem to be an attempted arrest and the detectives allowed themselves to be separated.

With a reward of 215K uncollected, this 52 Crips neighborhood has let the cops know in no uncertain terms that they are solidly behind this cop killing.

The intriguing crackpot aspect of this is the fact that the murdered detective was due to testify, the very next day, against a federal law officer who he arrested for traffic violations and possession of 28 ounces of heroin last year.

Was this a Deep State hit or a gang hit or just a random clusterfuck?

A Once Great Medieval City: 2016: Impressions of Baltimore Maryland

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