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Can’t Wait to Burn it to the Ground
An Beautiful Argument for White Genocide By John Saxon

Theme song, Linkin Park’s “Burn it Down” (2012):

We're building it up

To break it back down

We're building it up

To burn it down

We can't wait

To burn it to the ground

When you fall, I'll take my turn

And fan the flames

As your blazes burn

In two papers at Matt Forney’s site, I gave the basic philosophical argument about why, today, men should not marry, given the degenerate nature of women, and why misogyny is a sensible survival philosophy for heterosexual men:

For gays, I do not care a hoot; work it out yourselves. Your problem.

I touched on why men should not have children as well. One of the arguments for ultimately biting the bullet and settling down with a woman, until divorce do we part, is that we need to keep the race going, and thus we have some sort of racial duty to endure utter misery for the sake of your genetic heritage.

In the abstract, this is just bullshit. It is far too late now to even contemplate saving white Western civilization, which is now dead and rapidly decaying. But, more importantly, is there anything or anyone worth saving anyway?

I consider my degenerate offspring. Last night whore ex-wife was in hospital after an operation on her nose. The operation was to correct damage done by son number 3, who in a domestic, thumped her. No doubt, most men would; she is the sort of abusive bitch who would drive even the Buddha to homicide. As for son number 3, he has a history of violence even as a kiddie, going on stone-throwing rampages at junior school, leading to school lock-down and police attending. He tried to stab his older brother. And, he did not even take drugs! No luck with an OD.

I spend thousands to get shrinks to try and find out what the fuck was/is wrong with the kid. The answer though is simple: dysgenics, degenerate genes from a cesspool mother. Her behavior was not like that, obviously enough, during dating, or even mating, but she whent downhill rapidly after, because sewage always finds its level, and the scum floats to the surface.

Last night I came to the mother’s house to collect the vermin while she was still in hospital; she did not want him staying at the house because of likely violence against the youngest daughter. At times she has had to lock herself in her room, armed with a claw hammer and knife. Anyway, he knew that he had to leave, because his mother told him so, but still argued, and then holding a butcher’s knife threatened me.

Now I could have easily have taken the piece of filth out, with the knife, with moderate risk. For one thing, there was a claw hammer and a wrecking bar left with a pile of tools in the kitchen, which had not been put in the shed. When I was three years old, I destroyed a boar on the farm who thought that he could eat me, using my trusty claw hammer, so I am sure that the current pig would not have been a problem. But, the law would be against an old guy, and for the filth of the world, so I tried another approach.

Instead, I said that I would ring the cops and have him put away for assault with a deadly weapon. The big sweaty guys with 12 inch cocks behind bars would like some virgin punk ass. Then he shut up. After all, as a lawyer, I deal with these sorts of guys all day and punk knew this.

The moral of the story – these sorts of things are common now. Every parent I know works like a slave for dysfunctional, selfish and fundamentally useless bio-junk children. The only Jewish guy I know well, a leading surgeon, had his hyper-cared for daughter go feral after being given the best education his money could buy. It almost destroyed him to see his daughter bonking around and chewing up drugs. An Italian friend, double income lawyer family, has one daughter, and although this little princess has not gone feral and dived into drugs, she abuses her mother, who works fulltime, and slaves away at home in the traditional role. The mother is up at 5 am each day, to get everybody a traditional breakfast. For what?

My point comes down to this: I don’t know any children worth fighting for. If children are the future, then there is no future. Did I read at this site that increasingly, the present crop of kiddies is being raised by grandparents, and once they go, there will be no-one to raise any more monsters? I don’t think it really matters now. It is over, and the only question now is how we die.

Maybe down the track, after the collapse ends the anarcho-tyrannical system, it may be possible to discipline women and children. But, it can’t be done now. So, if you can, vote with your feet, not your prick.

I am contemplating drafting a new will while the anger from last night still burns red hot. I will make my property and assets over to some badass drug-peddling bikie gang. Let my degenerate children contest the will against them and see how smart they are.

If you are young and contemplating children…don’t!

No doubt if we don’t die by our own hand the rise of the machines will do it, which is good, the way of evolution:

Cute one day; monster the next:

“Can’t wait to burn it to the ground.”

Turd America

Trumpapocalypse Now: The Advent of an American Usurper at the fall of Western Civilization

Own the collected works of John Saxon, Professor X, Eirik Blood Axe, William Rapier and other counter culture critics, on Kindle, via the link below. Amazon:

The Great Train Wreck of the West

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crackerNovember 27, 2017 12:42 PM UTC

what a bunch of cuck-crap. you were tasked with raising your children and you got walked on by them and the woman that whipped you so now all children are worthless. look in the mirror, pal. you get walked on because you are weak, don't blame the kids and the woman. you and the other simpering boys that get their asses kicked by children and women are the problem. you talk tough but where was all of ha toughness when it came to managing your family?
SkeeterNovember 25, 2017 1:49 PM UTC

Are these stories Saxon write really true ? His comments on his family and how he deals with them are hilarious. I plan on being the third person that buy his book because of his work published on this site. You guys keep up the good work !
PRNovember 25, 2017 1:32 AM UTC

This will come off badly, but whites cannot raise children. We give them whatever they ask for, don't use effective discipline, and don't make them work. Unsurprisingly, they turn out worthless, entitled and arrogant.
BobNovember 24, 2017 8:17 PM UTC

"It is far too late now to even contemplate saving white Western civilization, which is now dead and rapidly decaying. But, more importantly, is there anything or anyone worth saving anyway?"

The whole article is a perfect example of performative contradiction. If nihilism is the answer, writing articles is wasted time. Why bother?