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'He Only Had A Knife'
Knife Wounds Archives - Deputy Matt & Others Who Serve

Just kick it out of his hand.

-Big Ron

"Today, I saw a meme (see below) made by our friend Salty Dad. The pictures are gruesome, there are no special effects and I don’t know the story behind them. These are pictures of Police Officers who have been on the wrong end of a knife wielding assailant. Look at them for a little bit, let the reality of the story sink in a little. This is real, this is un-sanitized reality and maybe in a couple cases, life altering. This is not week night TV series corn syrup and latex."

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BobNovember 27, 2017 8:50 PM UTC

Excellent article. I can't help thinking about that fraudster Roy Larner and the Hollywoodish psy-op he was part of. In a real attack with multiple, determined aggressors, the victim is dead or horribly mutilated.