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Bombing Liberal Arts Colleges from the Air
By American Psycho

This article has a great title:

“John Derbyshire: Roy Moore, The Pervnado Witch Hunts, And The Need To Bomb Liberal Arts Colleges From The Air And Sow The Ground With Salt”:

However, once I started reading it, I got tired and lost my erection. No amount of blinking at the print could re-inflate it.

This is about all sorts of shit, but Psycho could find nothing about any plans to bomb universities by the military. Perhaps Trump will consider doing this in the future, metaphorically speaking, of course. This would be along the literary lines of H. L. Mencken's suggestion that the real way to reform our universities would be to burn the buildings and hang the professors:

Air pollution may be causing the drop in sperm quality, so Mencken’s idea may not be so hot after all, given the high toxic levels of universities:

Eye balls popping after cumming:

Watch out for running trees:

Time now for my electro-therapy.

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