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Tepid Ted
When You Suck Worse than Your Job

The location is not specific and names changed, to protect a witness.

Recently, in a Baltimore County bar, a cook did not come back from the restroom, where he had gone to fire heroin, supplied him by the dishwasher.

Jamal sells drugs out of the back door of the bar kitchen, supplying his own clientele on the bar parking lot.

After selling Ted the cook some dope, he was soon informed that Ted was barely room temperature, locked in the bathroom stall with a needle in his arm.

Ted was no longer a customer, but could still serve an artistic purpose.

While the manager fretted about what to do about food orders and the barmaid crawled under the stall to unlatch the door from the inside so that paramedics could get to Ted, Jamal took photos and uploaded them to his customer page, later claiming to have administered CPR.

Jamal is still selling dope out of the kitchen and his customers are more eager than ever to get some of the stuff that did Ted in.

There is no denying that this is what has become of much of America.

But was it really an accident?

Narco Night Train

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Ruben ChandlerNovember 27, 2017 3:43 PM UTC

Oh..............a hot shot, huh? They be cuttin' that shit with Sani-Flush and Drain-O Massa Jimi