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‘A Native Irish Servant Man’
A Non-Indentured Servant Runs From a Master Named Abraham

May 23, 1771

The Pennsylvania Gazette


RUN away from the subscriber, living at the Sign of the Bear, in Donegall township, Lancaster county, the 12th of this instant May, at night, a native Irish servant man, named ARTHUR DONELY, about 21 years of age, pockmarked, short black curly hair, about 5 feet 4 or 5 inches high;

has been accustomed to drive a carriage in Ireland;

had on, and took with him, when he went away, a light coloured napped coat, made frock fashion, and a snuff coloured jacket, with brown backs, likewise one striped and flowered calicoe ditto, a pair of buckskin breeches, 3 coarse shirts, 1 fine ditto, grey ribbed stockings, and old shoes;

went off with a servant man belonging to James Young, near Carlisle, named Alexander, of a pale complexion, and had on a brown coat, a convict. [1]

Whoever takes up said servant, and secures him, so that his master may have him again, shall be entitled to the above reward, with reasonable charges, paid by ABRAHAM HOLMES.

N.B. All masters of vessels and others, are forbid to harbour or carry him off, at their peril.


1. Not serving James Young, not in the service of James Young, but belonging to James Young .

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