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Jogo do Pau
A Brutal Heads up from Bruno Dias

A Brutal Heads up from Bruno Dias

Hey James, have you ever heard about the "Jogo do Pau" (Stick Play)?

It's one of the Portuguese martial arts. It's staff fighting, but using the staff with two-handed swords techniques. It's looks pretty brutal. Check it out:


Yes, Bruno, I have seen this, but have never been lucky enough to participate. In 2001-2002 I did do 141 waster duels [that's only about 280 minutes], fought with heavy, 5 foot wax wood swords, which was a keen experience. I stopped because I had so many veins broken in my lower right leg that it was starting to look like I had worms entombed under my skin.

Thank you so much for the link. The Portuguese were great warriors.

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