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Hell is the Other:
Existentialist Sarte was Right By John Saxon

An update on family fun and foibles, and how it all ends, for me. Reference to my nihilism paper for purposes of philosophical justification of my hatred of humanity etc.

As for family in general, because my ravings have upset some fathers here, I grant that there may be some good still out there, in a minority. Hell, if my heart was not so cold and black and dead to love, a story like this one would have brought a tear, whatever they are, to my eyes:

Instead, I just emotionlessly cut ‘n’ paste the URL, as I would any other reference for your reading pleasure.

The day my “beautiful” article arguing for white genocide went up on the site, it was the turn of my youngest daughter to throw her shit. After a fight with bad son, she ran from the house with her scooter, saying that she was going to sleep rough. So, I run after her, and amazingly caught her, as a car turned a corner, and blocked her passage. I grabbed her and said that she would get raped and/or abducted in the park area. She then pulled a pair of pointy-nosed scissors from the waste ban of her genes, sorry, jeans, and said that she would stab me, and cried foul abuse, because, after all, I had done the right thing as a dad trying to protect her. Such men deserve all they can be given.

Then she started screaming at the top of her insane teenage female lungs, help me, ring the police! Do-good liberal neighbors started pouring out of their houses, like obese rats, to do good social justice work, their chests puffed out like blow job fish. Too many animal metaphors, but you get the point. We will ring the police, a group of homosexuals said. Go fuck yourselves, I said. Where were you people, who live next door to ex-whore wife Sue X, when her son was smashing her face in, putting her in hospital and consequently bringing me here? Where have you been when these kids have been trying to kill each other? How many screaming matches have you heard, but turned a blind butt cheek to? You only take action when you think that you can get one on a White heterosexual male. Fuck you all! Get the cops, I am a civil litigator and I promise to keep you all in court for years!

And, princess, if you want to live on the street, well, fucking die! Remember, you are carrying an offensive weapon and threatened to kill me with it. Our homosexual friends must have heard this, and will be cross-examined in court about your, and their part, in this crime, so start ring your hearts out. You look like you have lots of assets to lose. Yes, even under fire, I can’t help being a lawyer.

I went to my car, and just left the offspring from hell to fend for themselves. Later, completely drunk at a bar, I told this tale of woe to some ugly fat woman, who looked ok at the time, but would make me vomit the next morning when I awoke to find her ocean of white flabby fat swimming in my less than clean bed, and her smell hit me like a swift kick in the balls. Don’t worry about your kids she had said in the bar, tossing down a beer laced with a cocktail of drugs, these sort of people don’t get harmed. Their role is to harm others. Men like you.

Trumpapocalypse Now: The Advent of an American Usurper at the fall of Western Civilization

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SkeeterdiggerNovember 28, 2017 12:46 PM UTC

Reading Saxon's work has really help me become a better father and negotiater in dealing with people that disagree with my ideas about things !