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‘The Abyss of Abuse and Neglect’
The Truth About Charles Manson by Stefan Molyneux

“How you became who you became,” is really Stefan’s best suite, his own crusade. I always thought, when I heard all the fear and worship of Manson when I was younger, that when I looked at his photos and interviews that he just seemed like a sad little guy.

Stefan is coming from a materialistic and anti-heroic perspective—even with his new nod to God. I would characterize this narrative of Manson’s life as a blueprint of invalidation, which in the male mind is reflected most often as emasculation, a study in how to make certain that a potential man might be shaped into a squirming monster.

At 47 minutes Stefan gets into a good discussion of how impossible it is for alienated and abused children to be behaviorally bound by social norms and rules.

The continual whipping with leather straps and beating with wooden paddles and institutional rape did not come into white Pennsylvania and West Virginia schools from Southern Negro plantation slavery, but came into the American corrections system and the Southern Negro Plantation system from Anglo-Saxon naval discipline and extreme Christian notions of corporeal punishment, from Anglican, Quaker, Catholic and Puritan child brutalization systems which informed the chattel management of the white slave class in 17 and 18th century Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York and New England.

Civilization is largely the process of creating a society of Charles Mansons, our ongoing, denied reality, in which our political masters conduct ritual child rape in an attempt to preserve Anglo-America’s oldest tradition.

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JoeFourNovember 28, 2017 5:00 PM UTC

Here's an interesting and thought-provoking article summarizing the many and varied contradictions in the official Charles Manson bio ... sometimes I think everything commonly accepted as truth in this modern world is really nothing more than one elaborately constructed lie upon another elaborately constructed lie...
responds:November 28, 2017 10:46 PM UTC

In my mind, the territory of The Lie seems to have grown from the Caspian to the Pacific, since I began reading and writing as my primary pursuit.