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‘A Heart Wrought on the Bosom’
The Most Ostentatious Runaway Slave

July 4, 1771

The Pennsylvania Gazette

Leacock township, Lancaster county, June 27, 1771.


RUN away last night, from the subscriber, an Irish servant man, named THOMAS McCULLY, about 23 years of age, about 5 feet 5 inches high, of a dark complexion, black curled hair, tied, somewhat pockmarked;

had on, and took with him, a good fur hat, two striped sleeveless damascus jackets, of white and yellow stripes, one entirely new, a fine holland shirt, with a heart wrought on the bosom, one check ditto, a pair of check trowsers, 1 pair of new chocolate coloured knit breeches, worsted stockings, black grained pumps, brass buckles, 2 silk handkerchiefs, &c. [1]

The said servant was bought of one Anthony Miller, [2] a well set likely fellow, of a fair complexion, did purpose going off for Ireland immediately, but is strongly suspected of being concerned in assisting said servant in getting off, and it is very likely they may be together, and divide the purchase money, as it was but a few days after the assignment, that the servant went off. Any person that will apprehend the said servant went off. Any person that will apprehend the said servant, and secure him, so as his master may get him again, shall have the above reward, with reasonable charges, paid by WILLIAM SKILES.

N.B. It is supposed he has stole a large sorrel horse, as he has taken a bridle with him.


1. Thomas McGully was better dressed than any servant I have documented and this fits with the fact that he is basically a grafter who has himself sold and then escapes.

2. "The said servant was bought” is such a callous statement that I applaud Thomas and his Accomplice for defrauding human such traffickers. From the buyer’s perspective this was a straight up sale of a human being without even a pretense at legalities, let alone the idea of bettering ones condition by agreeing to serve as a menial intern of some sort, as the system of white servitude has been falsely taught in American schools.

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