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Another White Slavery Find
From Our Pennsylvania Researcher



I ran across a reference to this book the other day. It looks as though it would be filled with some relevant data in regards to white slavery etc. Unfortunately I haven't seen a copy that retails for anything less than 999 dollars. Did find the intro which has only made me more curious.

(Here's the intro)

Take care down there. Hope to catch you at some point when things slow down a bit.

-Nero the Pict

This is news to me, Sir.

I will place it in the end notes of Crackerboy and read and annotate the introduction for the print release.


Into Wicked Company

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Sam J.November 30, 2017 10:15 AM UTC

I'm a Southerner that is glad the South lost the war. I'm not so happy about some of the outcomes of having the North be the driver of the country for decades and decades but slavery sucks and is evil. If the South would have won it would have been like Europe with our two countries constantly at war.

There is a possibility that slavery would have ended without the war. If they would have financially compensated the slavers for their property and promised to return Blacks to Africa with some kind of support the North would have had a moral argument that the slavers would not be able to flim flam out of the way. The slavers would have been forced to concede. It sure would have been a lot cheaper.

The other thing that I wish had happened was that the South had sent every single Black person to the North and let them deal with them as it was their crusade. Let them have them.

Want some books on slavery. Here's links to 590 of them.