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Dinosaurs Eat Christians
Get Indigestion By Eirik Bloodaxe

Another anti-Christian rant and rave, inspired by this item about big animals:

Why would the Judeo-Christian god, who made man, or was it just them, in his image, have wasted creation time making a world full of big fucking monsters that eat each other? This is pre-Adam, presumably, so original apple eating sin, doesn’t cut it. Sure, we have the disobedience of Lucifer, but why giant reptiles?

Some Christian fundos have said that God just made fake fossils. Ooh, big theological problem of evil/deception there. Others have said that man co-existed with the big reptilian fuckers, but having steel weapons could deal with them. Well, maybe bronze weapons, but even if steel, no fucking chance. The stick men would just get chomped.

Intelligent design and the old creation science folk argued, not implausibly, that random mutations, and natural selection, is inadequate to account for the emergence of biological order, due to the vast improbability. There are rational criticisms which can be made about Neo-Darwinism, but these even if correct, do not logically prove Judeo-Christian creation, for that is a non sequitur:

If standard accounts of evolution are incorrect, then Judeo-Christian accounts still need to meet the same evidential burden of proof, by giving first hand evidence, independent of the critique of their opponents. It may well be, that we simply do not know how we got here. Maybe we are not even here at all, but are but a computer simulation:

There are also bio-chemical/ geophysical problems with most origin of life on Earth scenarios:

That does not show that a loving, humanoid, omnipotent, omniscient being created the world. It is more likely that life on Earth is the product of some extra-terrestrial science project, that failed, and was abandoned. The student got an “F” and simply left the mess to fester into life as we know it. That at least makes sense of this cosmic cesspool.

The Great Train Wreck of the West

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PRDecember 1, 2017 11:41 AM UTC

Why do humans reason morally and use the laws of logic when the rest of the animals do not? Why do we know right from wrong? How could a conscience evolve when all of the selection pressure favors survival of the fittest (most brutal)?