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Law 101: “Cucked”? “Weak”?
By John Saxon

At present, White men, crackers, being lawful, live with both hands tied, while the system systematically destroys them with pc laws and thugs in blue to back this up. Witness the completely illegal response to the Alt Right marches etc., the treatment of the Angler etc. James has said this too, in articles about Charlottesville.

As a lawyer, I deal all day with supposed tough guys who think that they are not “cucked” and “weak” and take on the system, especially in family law/dv, head-on. They all end up in jail, and the best that can be done for them is to try to mitigate the sentence. They usually face, in the lower courts, feminist judges, as increasing the legal profession, across the West, is being taken over by women: Do you think you would get a fair trial? Want to give it a spin, “tough guys”?

I suspect most internet shit-slingers have the luxury of not being up against this and having their backs to the wall. Talk behind anonymity is cheap. They are legal virgins who would shit their panties once prosecutors started turning up the heat, while they sweat in the box, incapable of mounting a coherent defense at law.

I would really like to see some of these tough guys in court, after the cops have castrated them and taken away their weapons. I have seen bikies crushed by what the legal system can do, especially where kids are involved:

But, if one is so fucking tough, let’s see if you can get further. Jail is just one tough guy-non-cucked, act away. And, jail rape is not so bad, they say, after the first 50 times. Holes get bigger:

It’s enough to make anyone crack.

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PRDecember 1, 2017 11:49 AM UTC

Based on what you've written here and what you've written before, it's safe to say none of us have the right answers. Is your argument that my sons and wife are going to turn out like yours because of the existence of a feminist legal system and cops who enforce it? My actions have no bearing on the outcome? This sounds like the exact inverse of extreme ownership. How do you account for families, admittedly in the minority, that turn out well? What do you make of people like Leonard Sax, John Rosemond, and James Dobson who write about the collapse of parenting? What about all that is written about the failure of men to lead nowadays?

Women are admittedly told not to respect their men. Often, this idea is propagated by cuck ministers and lawless women in the church. Still, it's often a result of men failing to be respectable. As a test of this idea, consider how many men you know whom you'd want married to one of your daughters, if any. I've been asked if I could set any of my single friends up with nice girls before and couldn't, in good conscience, set up any of them.

As far as I have a point, it is that this system is downstream of our cultural collapse and we must carry on in spite of its collapse. If there is nothing we should do, as you said in the past, why are you on here? You think the rest of us should do nothing also and that would be better?
crackerNovember 29, 2017 7:26 AM UTC

take care of your business up front, like a man should, and you won't be at the mercy of the legal system or be worried about getting treated like a bitch in jail. but, when you get your ass handed to you by a woman and by your own offspring, you deserve to be slapped around by the legal system and "Bubba" won't be getting a virgin when he breaks you over; you've been getting screwed for years. here's an idea;instead of meeting your other cucked buddies for a get drunk and whine session at the local titty bar, spend time with your family, you know, be a man and shoulder your responsibilities.