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Human Extinction By 2030?
No Worries, She’ll Be Right Mate! By Eirik Bloodaxe

Human extinction in 10 years???

Ballsy for a Lefty kinda guy: “hope is a horrible idea.” Hope really is for the “weak” and “cucked”

Human extinction by 2030???

A little more “optimistic.”

Hey, if all this stuff about climate change and ecological doom is right, and I am not saying that it is, but shit, intelligent people are capable of counter-factual conditional/hypothetico-deductive reasoning, then we will find out who wins Darwin’s “struggle for existence,” once the legal kid gloves are off, the rule of law ends, and it is the law of the jungle for everyone.

In the days to come, due process will really be a bullet, as it should be:

Turd America

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