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Descent into Chaos
The Death Throws of Baltimore

Currently Baltimore's Murder rate is accelerating.

However, the worse aspect of life in Baltimore, right now, is not the murders, but justifiable killings by cops faced with aggressive criminals, killings of cops by supposed federal agents [the common local suspicion is that the feds are murdering our local cops and I agree] and the plague of pack attacks across the City and surrounding Counties. The rise in murders is merely a shadowy indication of the real peril that every Baltimorean faces, that of being beaten on the street for his or her phone and wallet, and often only as a violent ritual with no theft. Car jackings and housebreakings are also up, although they are being misreported and unreported by the police, who are under extreme pressure to conceal crime numbers.

Non-Justifiable Homicides

316—only 2 short of last year's total with an entire month to go.

Past 30 days: 22, representing a dip after a very deadly early autumn.

Past week: 7, representing return to the late summer-early autumn pattern

Murderbowl / Anarcho-Tyranny Update.

Maryland Schools Forced To Cancel Baltimore Field Trips Due To "Escalating Violence"

Murderbowl / Anarcho-Tyranny / Race War Update.

310 and rising.

“In Baltimore, reduced tension means African Americans influence the terms of their neighborhoods’ policing. Small wonder the neighborhoods rot.”

One of the major conundrums in American society is that blacks are such inveterate apologists for rampant black criminality while at the same time they are the principal victims of it. It mostly occurs in their own neighborhoods after all. It always puzzled me that urban blacks so often supported gun control, whereas I would have imagined they would have been staunch supporters of gun rights and the ability to defend oneself, being so often the targets of violent crime as they were. When you get to talk with them at length and peel back the onion you find that their support for gun control stems from the fact that many of their family members and friends are involved in crime. So while they may deplore their family member’s and friend’s criminal depredations, they don’t want to see them get hurt. Therefore they would prefer that their family member’s victims not be armed. I suppose on one level they would like to disarm the gangbangers so as to reduce the number of murders committed in the street, but of course the legislative proposals that Leftists come up with to accomplish that would do little to nothing to keep guns out of the hands of gang bangers and would instead serve mostly to impair the ability of law-abiding citizens to legally acquire firearms, making them all the more vulnerable to being victimized by black criminal predators.

In the Marxist world view crime is the result of an unjust society. Eliminate the economic inequalities and the crime will go away, the Marxists claim. This sentiment is at least partially behind the current policy of Anarcho-Tyranny in the country. Why blacks, as well as their political patrons in the Leftist Deep State, excuse, aid and abet crime perpetrated by ‘oppressed’ minorities against an ‘unjust’ white society. Excuse, aid and abet such crime to the point that American cities with black majority populations have become ungovernable war zones, with no remedy to the problem anywhere in sight.

BALTIMORE RISING: Documentary Shows Blacks Endlessly Willing To Excuse Crime

"Out Of Control Genocide" In Baltimore, Residents Support Martial Law

The Boned Zone: Surviving Urban Predation

Don't Get Boned: The Harm City Handbook

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WellRead EdDecember 11, 2017 12:32 AM UTC

Back in the bad, old, days in Tito's Yugoslavia, before it broke up into Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia, Tito exploited the three groups' ethnic hatred of each other. He would station army units comprised of Bosnians in Serbia, Serbs in Croatia, and Croatians in Bosnia. The idea was that the soldiers of one ethnicity would have no compunction about killing the others. A truth that was borne out after Yugoslavia broke up and entered into a horrendous conflict in which atrocities that rivaled only the most backwater African nations took place.

This long-standing method is in use in "diverse" cultures everywhere from penitentiaries to politics. So, it is not unthinkable that the feds might knock off a few local cops in order to increase the tension between the police and the populace.

The reason that the elite argue so stridently for gun control is simple; they think that they are immune to the law of unintended consequences; they don't know history so they don't realize that, should their vision of utopia be attained, they would be among the very first forced to kneel on the side of a ditch while one of their "inferiors" inflicted kinetic energy poisoning to their brain pan.

How this applies to Dindustan is simple; Dindus have, for decades, believed that pale faces are the source of all of their problems and plights. From rampant fatherlessness, to the Crack epidemic, to Sickle Cell, EVERYTHING is the fault of Caucasians. How simple, then, to recruit legions of disaffected Dindus, each a vessel for white-hot hatred that has smoldered for four generations? State-sanctioned "get back" would attract exactly the type of people one would need.Already prone to collectivism, all they would need is someone to direct traffic and the streets would run red with the blood of, well, everyone.
BobNovember 29, 2017 9:04 PM UTC

I'm sure one of the ancillary goals of BLM's moneyed sponsors is to incite black violence, show local police incapable of doing the job, racist, and ill-trained with a view to encroachment by Federal agencies (part foreign-trained for good measure). Local cops may still have some empathy for residents. Out-of-towners are loyal only to their paymasters.