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World War Update.

“They want us to know they can hit eastern seaboard.”

"It Can Reach Washington, DC": Latest North Korean ICBM Can Hit Anywhere In The Continental US

Hermit Kingdom Update.

The rest of the story.

Brazen North Korean Defector Was Shot 7 Times, But Will Likely Survive

Vibrant Diversity Update.

Swedish party passed motion to abolish Sweden

World War Update.

Zimbabwe’s rich and famous. Keep in mind these are the social and political elite of country whose national currency is so inflated they have one hundred trillion dollar notes.

So where does all the hard currency to support these lavish styles come from?

The REAL rich kids of Zimbabwe: Silver Rolls-Royces, bundles of cash and a golden revolver- incredible extravagance of offspring of Mugabe's cronies is revealed while the rest of the country live in poverty

Man accused of 60 murders avoids extradition because he is scared of flying

Bitchez be Crazy Update.

Brenda Barattini is said to have chopped her boyfriend’s penis off – why she did it remains a mystery (Picture: CEN)

Woman, 26, chopped off boyfriend’s penis with garden shears

Ursuscide in Maryland!

Maryland Natural Resources police look for bear poacher

Someone killed bear out of season at Frederick Watershed

When Your Job Sucks

The Ghetto Grocer Kindle Edition

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