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The Rez-Erection of Bozo
Napi Mephisto, pages 77-81 by Ron West

Pompositee had a fatal accident while watering her petunias. When reaching up to a suspended planter, her evil black cat had scratched her ankle while attacking the loose strap on her sandal. Distracted, water spilled from the pitcher onto Pompositee’s face and she screamed “I’M MELTING!!” as she dissolved into a smoking puddle resembling blackened puke with the aroma of a fart that would raise the dead

The Coroner’s report listed the cause of death as “spontaneous combustion attributed to pure bile” and Bozo was suddenly free and had his life and career back Upon returning to professional life, Bozo was appointed Solicitor General of the United States and argued the Obama ‘birth’ issue on behalf of the ‘hopey, changey’ administration, before the Supreme Court

Barack Obama, ostensibly with dual birthplace, Kenya/Hawaii, is a natural born citizen because.. he is born of an American mother!

With this preceding statement, Bozo had opened his argument before the Supreme Court on behalf of President Obama , versus a lawsuit brought by (sy)Phyllis Schafly Distinguished Justices, it is my distinct honor to address this august body in the matter of (sy)Phyllis versus B.O.

Can any of the ‘boyz’ give “Natural Born” American citizenship to their kids? Mr Justice Scalia, you say you must interpret the law as it reads, literally as you see it in front you, it has taken on a life of it’s own regardless of our founders [legislative] intent. Soooo… we have to stick to “Natural” born because that is what the Constitution says… obviously that means you must have an American mother.. (Bozo thought ‘just wait, you fucker’) !

American born Taliban John Lindh could be president because he was born of an American mother. Charles Manson, no problem, and Henry VIII had Thomas a'Becket's bones disinterred and put him on trial, so there is precedent to bring Benedict Arnold's bones home from England and elect a dead treasonous president. Or dig up Andy Jackson..

Andy put his middle finger up this Supreme Courts and our constitution’s ass, a place where the sun never shines.. “John Marshall has said what the law is, now let him enforce it” quoting Andy Jackson on Native American rights

Mr Justice Scalia, you learned from that… tit for tat… you stopped the recount in Florida and elected George Bush and put your middle finger up our constitution’s and all of America and the world’s ass.. speaking of where the sun never shines.. the place George was born to peer out from, pointing to un-natural birth

But for George, all were “Natural born” of American mothers 'I-da-ho' born Sarah Palin's fellow Bible fascist, John McCain, was born in Panama of U.S. parents and McCain is a constitutionally legitimate “Natural Born American.”

But surely only because he has an American mother.. speaking of Constitutional “Natural” birth.. and, Mr Justice Scalia, you state you must read the law literally..never with legislative intent..

Going to religious right morality, a major problem could be ‘unnatural’ birth, example given would be 98% + of the Congressional membership who happen to be lawyers sucking off corporate PAC cocks, this the worst sort of ‘unnatural’ closet morality you can imagine, speaking of the unnatural cock-suckers who give birth to our patently unconstitutional laws.. nothing natural at all going on there.. an unnatural case of ‘rebirth’ would be Al Franken giving up comedy to suck off corporations.. there should have been a miss-carriage of justice somewhere there (Abort? Your religious right would have liked that in Franken’s case) So this must be the reason there are two token members of congress in the line of presidential succession, because we have to be certain congress can do something unconstitutional and unnatural, it is American political tradition, however first we go to the vice president

Joe ‘Homo ‘Erect’us’ Biden… with his dentu-crème smile is first in line to replace the “Natural” born Obama. I like Joe’s sobriquet “Homo ‘Erect’us” because Joe is from Senator Larry ‘closet latrine homo’ Craig’s “Chamber”, just like Obama who has a news-conferenced youtube cock-sucker claiming Obama as his suckee, sooo, what is the problem with that? Why not keep suckee Obama? Larry Craig was not forced to resign. Why risk the warmonger military/industrial corporate PAC cocksucker ‘Homo ‘Erect’us’ Joe?

They’re all ‘unnatural’ PAC cock-suckers

Joe ‘Homo ‘Erect’us’ Biden is just another ‘unnatural’ venal corporate cock-sucker, he has taken piles of PAC money, never mind he wants Israel to blow up Iran who will in turn blow up our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, soldiers who only wish our Congressional military/industrial corporate PAC cock-suckers did not keep them in perpetual deployments to war on behalf of Exxon/Mobil and Chevron… and the Congressional cock-suckers could just shut down the money paying for those wars [that would be constitutional] and maybe we could use some of the money saved to take in our homeless families to get them off the street.. but Congress is too preoccupied with unnatural sucking bankers and military/industrial PAC cocks to do that Joe needs to get the ‘erect’ out of his ‘homo’ [to become sapien] but behavior modifications fail with rapists and pedophiles and likely primitive-warmonger-venal corporate-PAC-cock-suckers as well, we all don’t want ‘Dentu-Crème smiles Joe to be president

Second in line is Nancy ‘AEPS’ Pelosi [Acquired Ego Priapism Syndrome, AEPS pronounced apes, as in ‘apes’ cowardly male political behaviors] other than PACS it doesn’t matter whose cocks she’s sucked because Pelosi is a woman, going to Republican Congressional closet morality, no unnatural Senator Larry ‘latrine homo’ Craig problem there.. oh, but wait, Nancy was on her knees for the prince of pedophile priests who instructed her she must be faithful to the church doctrine in her government duties, an instruction to commit treason against our secular rule of law, rather she’d had the courage to tell him to clear his ranks of pedophile cock-suckers and let the priests marry instead… nothing “natural” going on there, we won’t want her for president

Number three in line is a 90+ year old naturally honorable man who likely would not hesitate to clear out ALL the unnatural corporate cock-suckers at the Whitehouse… and he likely wouldn’t last as long as John Paul I before he was poisoned, speaking of Borgias and unnatural poisoning cock-suckers… Our CIA (Curia In America) would be certain that happened… CAN’T have him for president…

Number four in line would be the cock-sucker Lewinsky’s cuckholdette Hillary, whose mind-numbing naeivety concerning ‘unnatural’ born cock-suckers continues to only astound. Hillary who believed ‘BJ’ (Bill Jefferson) did not whip his cock out at the White House for any unnatural other until Monica paraded her cock-sucker stained dress on tv for the entire world

Now, speaking of cuckholded, Hillary employs Condoleezza’s former hatchet man as a top advisor on Iran, the “courtly” Under-Secretary of State William ‘my last name says all you need to know about me’ Burns and Nicolas Sarkozy had said Jean Marie LePen is a nice man to talk to: Sarkozy was comparing to what Netenyahu was saying that about his favorite West Bank settler and fascist foreign minister Lieberman… a ‘nice man’… no doubt Josef Goebbels was a “courtly” man too… I think that was Sarkozy’s point, so we won’t want Hillary replacing Obama simply for the sake of a first woman president proving a blonde joke’s validity

Number five in line to the presidency is Wall Street’s favorite cock-sucker, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, Timothy met privately with Swiss President Hans Merz to suck cock, so Hans would promise Switzerland’s seizure of the records of 52,000 wealthy American tax cheat cock-suckers… rather than give up his Wall Street cocksucker buddies’ secret accounts to an American court. We surely don’t want that unnatural cock-sucker for president

Number six in line for President of the USA would be one very mean cock-sucker, Defense Secretary Robert ‘the joker’s smile’ Gates, a religious extremist who has assiduously protected treasonous behaviors by our rabid religious right generals in his refusal to root out the closet cocksucker bible fascists cramming fundamentalism down our soldiers throats against specific language and court decisions in our constitution and legal history… a close personal friend of the now established worldclass-mega-cock-sucker George Bush… and long time associate of the Darth Vader of all cock-suckers, Dick Cheney, Gates likely wants to be president for Jesus [who’d want nothing to do with ANY of these unnatural cock-suckers] A former CIA director only one staged disaster away from knocking off all the preceding cock-suckers. But “Born again” is not natural birth! You have to read the law precisely as it is stated!

Bible fascists cannot be president! It would be ‘unconstitutional’ Mr Justice Scalia. We truly cannot have Gates for president

Number seven in line to the presidency is my fine lawyer opponent across the room, corporate law cock-sucker Attorney General Eric ‘the banana’ Holder, former Chiquita Brands top gun, Chiquita Brands are the cock-suckers who in the past arranged for multiple CIA coups and juntas in Latin America so we all can suck banana cock… that banana is coming home to roost in the form of drug lords and home invasions in your neighborhood… oh yeah, ‘the banana’ cock-sucker is also sitting on and concealing multiple un-prosecuted Bush crimes, we don’t want him for president

Number eight in line is Secretary of the Interior and boss of the Bureau of Indian Affairs… just ask the Indians what their lives are like at the hands of those cocksuckers… every city council turned into a corrupt tribal council… ohhh… no doubt number six Gates would ‘LOVE’ the BIA cock-suckers… the BIA is the only American institution as corrupt as the CIA, all the urban blacks could be sealed off in ‘wartime’ ghettos… Indian reservations? Your block? Apartheid? Prairie niggers? Niggers? Likely small difference to the BIA and we don’t want that And it just goes on from there, the many unnatural corporate PAC cock-suckers giving birth to unconstitutional and unnatural law in line to be your president… next up would be

Secretary of Agriculture

Secretary of Commerce

Secretary of Labor

Secretary of Health and Human Services

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Secretary of Transportation

Secretary of Energy

Secretary of Education

Secretary of Veterans Affairs

Secretary of Homeland Security

This is all a LONG ways from the ONE honest cock-sucker who is up front about the fact he actually IS a cock-sucker, Barney Frank and would most certainly make a better president that any of the preceding on this list of cock-suckers

Soooo… would it really make sense to force out Obama?

The logical conclusion would be it does not matter where Obama was born, he is not and insofar as I know, never has been in a legal position requiring he be “Naturalized” as an American citizen. He was born to an American mother, he was born with American citizenship and that citizenship has never been in a position to be surrendered. Obama is a “Natural Born” American for purposes of a constitutional test

So, (sy)Phyllis Schafly should ‘get a life’ and convince sane conservatives she doesn't have venereal brain rot

This could begin by directing (sy)phyllis turn her attention to the bible fascism taking over our institutions and our military particularly, that is if conservative Americans are actually concerned with the conservative value of preserving our constitution

Thank you and amen

In an emergency ruling from the bench dictated by national security concerns, Justice Kennedy, with an expression indicating he’d herniated his rectum by the conclusion of Bozo’s argument, cast the deciding vote in a 5/4 decision for Obama, a decision notorious for Justice Kennedy’s refusal to utter the term ‘cock-sucker.’ John Roberts, Antonin Scalia, Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas dissented, Justice Thomas was author of the losing opinion with the vehement expression: Cock-suckers! We lost!!

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