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Harm City Hoodrats a Full Month Ahead of Last Year's Record Per-Nigga Body Drops



While I am hibernating in the mind cave, Murderbowl fans may keep track of the home team at the link below.

The boyz are dropping bodies midweek again.

Capped to Date

Overall: 317

Hoodrats: 255—Oh, dis some racist shit, Yo!

Hos: 16—Let's see you flap dem gums and wag dat finga now, sista!

Yetis: 13—But my mutual fund was about to mature!

Snow Bitchez: 8—At least you died as a member of the beauty standard demographic.

Mystery Meat: 21—We got us some weird-ass dead niggas up in here!

Beaners: 3—They are kind of short and hard to hit.

Mathematicians: 1—Yo, as big as dey brain bubble is yo should be able ta hit mo' a deeze, or do dey be calculatin' dat bullet like some Matrix shit?

And this don't count them two knuckleheads that gots kilt by da popo.

The Boned Zone: Surviving Urban Predation

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BayouCoyoteDecember 1, 2017 3:55 PM UTC

Not sure if you saw this yet:

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