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Patronize Historical Dissent
Support the Unveiling of the Legion of Lies that is American History, In Quest for the Secret History of Plantation America

Patreon is not just a place to make donations, but a forum for supporting specific projects. Having set up a Patreon account—essentially a website—linked below, the platform wanted to know what I was passionate about and what my goals were.

I am most passionate about uncovering The Secret History of Plantation America, so will be using the Patreon site for building one or more of those books annually, until complete, where supporters will be able to view all of the findings as they are brought to light. Toward this end, I am buying antique books and will be travelling to plantation sites, in hopes of completing the 20-Volumes projected to document the bones of the buried truth.

Free content on my Patreon site will be drawn from Plantation America projects in progress:

-Cracker Boy

-The 13th Tribe

-White Indians and Yellow Negroes

Exclusive Patron Content for 2018 will consist of the serialized books:

-American Spartacus: American Slave Revolts: 1617 to 1860

-Sold, a novel set in 1678 Virginia

My son, who asked me how many patrons were my goal and suggested to start out with a hundred, visibly cringed when I said 330,000,000—approximately the number of Americans who have been lied to about how their nation came into being, and damn well deserve the truth before the thing comes apart at the hateful seams.

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SidVicDecember 21, 2017 11:56 AM UTC

I just pledged support! Good luck with this. Man, some of those patreon accounts are pulling down major cash.

I would encourage the deadbeat readers of this blog to contribute. As far as i can tell Lafond runs from money like a vampire from garlic, but i personally get a bit guilty for sponging off all his free content. He lives in baltimore, and reports the goings on so we don't have to.

If it is something you value, then you should be willing to cough up a few bucks.