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666 Caucasian Avenue
A Conversation with a Morally Stable Man

My roommate, landlord, fellow combat artist and friend, Steve wished to speak with me, but first checked outside to see if our bull dyke roommate of the African persuasion was home.

“This is ridiculous. I have had the same moral compass my whole life. If you are a good person you are a good person regardless of race and if you’re bad, you’re bad, regardless of race. But now we, as a society, have somehow stumbled into this alternate reality in which governments force gay marriage on a population that will not vote for it and anyone who points out that blacks are the ones destroying this city is a Nazi!

“I watch Netflix, lots of good stuff on there—wonderful nature documentaries, and I see a documentary on the KKK. I don’t really know what the KKK is, am pretty certain that I would disagree with their beliefs and positions. But it’s been such a sensationalized, boogieman organization for my whole life, that I would like to hear what these people have to say about it.

“But I don’t feel like I can watch it in my own house. I share the TV in the common room with Rickie. What if she sees I’ve selected something on the KKK—do I have a TV news crew or a government agency at my door?

“This need that she has to identify her supposed persecutors is far beyond logical consistency. First she accused you of being a white supremacist and then a month later accuses you of using her mouth wash! What self-respecting white supremacist would share a black lesbian’s mouthwash?

“It is just astonishing to me that the bedrock of our national morality—freedom of speech—is out the door, just like that. Do we have to go full circle and climb out of some Orwellian/Huxleyesque nightmare before we wake up to the fact that the men who founded this country knew that freedom of speech was a key to maintaining it?”

The generation of such affronted despair is, I contend, the real foundation of postmodern civilization, leading some toward radical change seeking and most into mind-numbing diversions, while a tiny minority scratch their head in disbelief and ask “why,” unwilling to believe, that civilization is a lie, modernity is essentially cannibalistic and that we are on the menu.

Right on White Time: The Black Spring Manual for Reparations Recover Agents with Justin W. R. Justice and T. Spoone Slickens


Baltimore Rising | Full Documentary | HBO

The martyrdom of Black Baltimore at the hands of a majority black thug police force is fawningly unexplored in this docufarce from HBO.

The story is not the 300 black men a year slain by other black men but the handful killed by cops, most of whom are back, as a justification to hunt my pale-ass in the street.

This documentary provides a guarantee that the American Race War is only getting ramped up.

Politically Correct to the hilt, the documentary should be available on HBO. This version ahs been removed from You Tube, probably due to copyright.

Rubbing Out Palefaces

Moral Minority Survival at the End of Caucasian Time Paperback

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PRDecember 30, 2017 11:59 AM UTC

Sam J. you bring up an interesting point, to wit, that insurgencies don't have to be completely victorious to achieve strategic goals. The North was stripmining the South. The strategic goal was to get them to stop and go away. Nathan Bedford Forest must have been a good general if not a great man.

Bill Lind makes the point all the time that modern 'insurgency' is the way war was traditionally fought before the rise of teh nation-state. It is more or less successful depending on circumstances but is the only way to oppose organized militaries. The Germanic tribes, led by Arminius, wiped out Roman legions in the Teutoberg forest rather than face them in open battle. Earlier, the British tribes tried to oppose Julius Caesar's beach landing and were slaughtered. Rather, they should've picked them off in the BRitish forests and hills and opposed the beach landings with fire ships.

We will doubtless see more insurgency as the US becomes more fractured. The rise of the Latin American drug cartels in the US is an example of this.
PRDecember 30, 2017 11:52 AM UTC

The reality is that you have to get blacks out of your life as you have no idea how they will behave in the future and are as dangerous as pitbulls. On Colin FLaherty's channel, he showed a story of an elderly white woman who was giving her retired black housekeeper a stipend in her old age. Her sons came to pick up the check every week. One week, one of the sons decided to beat the old white woman to death. Does Steve know all of the relatives of this lesbian black woman? Blacks usually have one or more relatives who have been in the state pen. What if she just lets them in to rob the place or murder him at some point? This sounds outlandish, but you see story after story like this. Even if you're employing blacks they might be casing your house and neighborhood for criminal relatives.

White people like to trust other people and think better of them. Jesus said to love your neighbor as yourself, and this seems to be the last remnant of Christendom whites cling to. I say you can love your neighbor while mistrusting him.

Steve is right that the Federal government has come in to completely invert the moral order. It did the same thing with Roe V. Wade where states had different laws regardign abortion but were forced into this new national paradigm. Now there's an elaborate quasi-religious system set up around sucking babies out of their mother's wombs and harvesting the body parts. We're a lot like the ancient Canaanites before God sent Israel in to wipe them out.
Sam J.December 28, 2017 10:52 PM UTC

"...The KKK, since it had three distinct incarnations..."

I know of two, sorta. The original Klan disbanded shortly after the North removed troops from the South. It served it's purpose. The second was really bigger in the Midwest than it was sin the South and was a response to mass immigration from Southern Europe and probably Blacks also as a lot them were moving from the South. The South used to tell Blacks that they could stay ion jail or they would release them and give them a bus ticket to Chicago and they could never come back. Smartest thing they every did. I'm guessing the third Klan and probably the weakest was because of civil rights. Basically laws passed by the North to lord it over the Southerners. The truth of the matter is if Blacks hated it so much, and they did, they could move North where the Northerners would...treat them even worse than the South., but there you go. The South is not so much about hating Blacks as it is about Whites wanting their own spaces and making sure if Blacks become too violent then it's cracked down on when it spills over into White communities. The South as a rule doesn't believe in equality. That's actually not such a bad thing because in reality everyone has strengths and weaknesses and trying to rise above your station is not a bad thing. This also means that those at a higher level can overlook foibles of those that are lesser to them because...well because they're not at the same level. You shouldn't expect as much of them.

The believe that everyone is equal when it's obvious that they're not can create great strife as those that aren't on the same level wonder just why they aren't and those that are at a higher level hold everyone to standards that are impossible for some to meet. They will never be the same so the treatment of them will be inappropriate for their level of understanding. Frustration all around.

I personally believe we should send all refugees, Blacks, aliens, and whatever to the areas where they vote for diversity. They want them let them have them. The rest of use will just have to suffer with our superiority complex.

Sam J.December 28, 2017 10:12 PM UTC

"...Is there a book you can recommend on the original KKK, that focuses only on the Reconstruction Era entity..."

No I'm sorry. I'm one of those guys that reads all kinds of stuff all over the place and mostly I forget where I got what piece of information. I'm getting better because I've decided to start saving some links and references in category notes on my PC so I can link to them but I don't have one for the KKK. Believe it or not there was a KKK meeting hall not 1-1/2 mile or so from where I was living as a kid. This was around 1973 or so and me and some other kids used to go in there. The roof was caved in and it was long abandoned. So that tells you the power of the KKK at that time period. It was never any sort of force at all when I was kid. The one thing that vividly stuck in my mind was there were a bunch of membership metal plates with raised names(kind of like a big dog tag) and I can't remember what other information laying all about. Much like you would see in a old fashioned credit card where you could swipe a receipt over the plate but these were a little smaller than a credit card. I remember thinking, these guys are complete idiots if they leave membership plates made of metal plates for their secret organization. I have no clue on why it was it was abandoned. I only went in there once as the place was spooky and who knew what would happen of you got caught there. I think I remember a bunch of literature. I wish I had gathered all that stuff up it's worth a fortune today. I know a guy who has a full on Klan outfit from there. He's saved it all these years. Big collectors item. Kind of like Nazi memorabilia but I think there's a lot less of it around.

As for the Klan there's no doubt a bunch of serious assholes were in it in various areas at various times. They didn't have any overarching ruling class that controlled membership so could be any sort of dick head in any local chapter. Kind of like Aryan Nations or some other such. That doesn't mean that the ideas they had to essentially protect White people first like all other races do wasn't a good idea.

Black people. I know good and well that there are some really fine Black people as I've lived around large numbers of them all my life but just the same you really can't trust them because they're a different race and have their own priorities just like any other peoples. Not to mention many of them are just bat shit crazy predatory. I'm polite to them just as I am to everyone but I try my best to stay away from them and have as little interaction as possible.
Sam J.December 26, 2017 9:25 PM UTC

"...I don’t really know what the KKK is, am pretty certain that I would disagree with their beliefs and positions..."

I bet that you wouldn't if you had the real story. After the war of Northern Aggression the North occupied the South for around 15 years. They also controlled voting. Anyone who fought for or was a part of the Confederate government wasn't allowed to vote, which was...everyone White. The KKK was a direct response to the ban on Whites voting. The whole entire South became exactly like Detroit or Baltimore. People with already ruined farms would have their taxes raised do high they lost their land. The whole entire South with all it massive Yellow pine forest were strip mined of trees and the logs sent North to be cut into lumber. This destroyed the streams and rivers form run off of the land formally protected by trees. One of the only places on the planet that has all the materials to make steel, Birmingham Al, had it's steel works closed and Northern steel was to be used. It was one big corrupt economic resource stripping colonialist enterprise. So eventually the KKK started to get the worst of the politicians and catch them during the night and bull whip them. They also scared off Blacks from voting for these corrupt people who were destroying the South much as they do anywhere else they have the majority vote. The original KKK was a perfectly reasonable response to being terrorized by invaders. The reason the North left the South I think was the KKK was gathering power and was becoming more bold in guerilla war. Who would turn them in, no one. Every White person hated the occupation. I believe the first chance the North had to pull out the troops due to a tie in a Presidential race they jumped on it to get out before things got out of hand. A full on guerilla war would have really put a strain on profits.

Now did some people do shitty stuff in the name of the KKK, of course but the general idea was to stop the North from running the South and stop the Blacks from fucking everything up which is their natural inclination. Just like you wouldn't let Down's syndrome kids be all the fighter pilots in your Air Force you don't let Blacks control any government unit with out supervision. If you don't supervise they will fuck it up with corruption and sloth. It's just the way it is.

Bob's comments on "law-abiding blacks" is true but there's just not enough of them. Maybe a third of Blacks are straight out predatory thugs, a third don't care to much either way and will do nothing to stop the thugs and a third are good law abiding people. but there's not enough of the law abiding to make a community safe. Blacks must be lorded over and suppressed to have a law abiding community. I'm sure they hate this and I would be more than willing to let them rule their own but they always spill out into our communities making it our problem instead of just theirs. I bet if the nation of Islam ruled they would be way more oppressive than any White Man could even think of but they would get results.
responds:December 27, 2017 1:54 PM UTC

The KKK, since it had three distinct incarnations, is beyond the capacity of historians, let a one readers to fathom. There is a definite allergy to appreciating complex social impacts in this slave nation of ours.

Is there a book you can recommend on the original KKK, that focuses only on the Reconstruction Era entity?
BobDecember 24, 2017 1:13 AM UTC

While I'm not prepared to do good, law-abiding blacks the disservice of exculpating black delinquents, blacks I believe have weaponized by Organized Jewry in its campaign against the white, gentile power structure. Physically, to instill fear, and psychologically to instill a guilt complex and a lack of self-worth in whites, that they be more compliant and tractable. But then again, I'm all for black nationalism and separatism.