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Vibrant Diversity Update.

No place to run to any more.

Son Of East European Immigrants Reflects On The Fall Of His Toronto

The 20 richest criminals of all time

Race War Update.

“There are a number of things wrong about this. For example, Emmett Till wasn’t lynched, he was murdered by two men–the husband and brother of the woman he “whistled” at. (See Wolf Whistle by William Bradford Huie for details.) Lynchings were carefully studied by the Tuskegee Institute and the figures are online. The largest number of actual lynchings between 1898 and 1968 were for murder, rape and felonious assault. Less than 2 percent were for what the Tuskegee Institute called “insult to a white person”, and 6 percent for attempted rape. (Also, more than a quarter of all lynching victims were white.)”

Emily Yoffe On Campus Rape: “You Type In The Name And It’s A Black Guy, It’s A Black Guy, It’s A Black Guy.”

Lynching Statistics

Wolf Whistle – the Murder of Emmet Till

Dear Prudence meets Dur Process

Murderbowl Update.

Governor's plan has big focus on fighting crime in Baltimore

Governor's crime plan targets repeat violent offenders, gangs

Nope, we humans won’t have giant brains a million years from now. We’ve stopped evolving naturally, having largely eliminated the influence of natural selection from our environment. So we’ll probably stay the way we are from here on out. In fact we’ll be lucky not to back slide in both intelligence and physical ability. Baring the intervention of some massive eugenics program.


Peak humanity

Human race has peaked: Scientists warn this is as good as it gets for mankind

Civil War Update.

Signs Of Civil War – Conservatives Stop Caring

Posted on December 12, 2017 by Anonymous Conservative

Another indicator:

Woke Conservatives And The Awesome Power Of Not Caring by Kurt Schlicter

Race War Update.

Why Black People Want to Burn the Houses of White People – Colin Flaherty

Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Routine Activity Theory (RAT) meld together: Blacks have been taught to hate white people out of the belief that they are the relentless victims of white racism ‘for no reason at all’, so they routinely attack white people, particularly in black majority neighborhoods.

Fellas Acting Up in Phillie.

Vibrant Diversity Update.

Rural UK Police Forces Consider General Issue Sidearms

World war Update.

Once again President Trump did what he said he wasn’t going to do. The Leftist press refuses to give him credit for anything though.

What if America Won a War and No One Cared?

Books by James LaFond

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BobDecember 25, 2017 2:45 AM UTC

Vdare doesn't, so I will broach the question of which lobby groups worked to change to Canadian immigration policy without public mandate or referendum.

Check out George Hutcheson, shaping up as an excellent advocate for Canada's oppressed white majority.

Happy Christmas!